Entertainment website Deadline recently reported that Warner Bros and DC are working on a spin-off movie that will focus on the story of “The Joker,” a popular villain in the Batman Universe. Details about the film’s directors, writers and production were also released.

Warner Bros, the same production studio behind movies “Batman V Superman,” “Man Of Steel,” and “The Dark Knight,” revealed that Todd Phillips and Scott Silver would write the script of the new stand-alone film. At the same time, Phillips will also direct the film with Martin Scorsese as the producer.

This is among the first movies by Warner Bros that tackle the story of a major villain in the DC universe. Stand-alone films produced by the studio usually focus on the main superheroes, such as Batman and Wonder Woman.

The Joker

The Joker is Batman’s arch-nemesis, and the character has been part of many productions through the years – from television shows to movies. The character has also been part of previous “Batman” movies, and it has been portrayed by actors Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

Recently, the Joker once again appeared in “Suicide Squad,” and was portrayed by Jared Leto. Leto is slated to be part of the “Suicide Squad” sequel and a Harley Quinn spin-off, Deadline reported. Apparently, the actor will not be cast for the said stand-alone movie for the Joker.

The website revealed that the role would be given to another younger actor.

Gotham City in the 80s

The setting of “The Joker” movie is one of the most interesting parts of the production. Writers Todd Phillips and Scott Silver are reportedly now starting to work on the script.

The movie is rumored to happen in Gotham City, the home of Bruce Wayne, but Deadline said that it would be turned into a “gritty and grounded” crime film set in the early 1980s.

Producer Martin Scorsese is known for his thriller, black comedy and crime films. Among his projects include “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” “Taxi Driver,” and “The King of Comedy.”

What critics say

Critics had mixed reactions about the alleged “The Joker” movie. While some are excited about its possible release, others just wished that it will not be made.

According to Screen Rant, Joker is a very odd character, and that his origins are unknown. The website added that Joker’s lasting appeal is his psychopath personality. It has always been said in many forms of media where the villain appeared that Batman would never exist without the Joker.