On Thursday, Taylor Swift fans from around the globe were alarmed to find that all content from her social media accounts was gone. Every tweet, every Instagram photo, and even every Facebook post were gone, and her official website had turned dark.

As it is with any Taylor Swift news online, her fans went into a frenzy trying to decipher what this social media exit meant. Many assumed that she reset everything because new music is on the way. This is an especially big deal for Swifties everywhere, considering that the country-singer-turned-pop-star hasn’t released any new material since “1989” debuted in 2014.

Taylor Swift to release new music

On Monday morning, she came back online with a cryptic video of what many think is a snake slithering in a dark room. The same 10-second video was posted to all her social media channels uncaptioned. She also turned off the commenting feature on her Instagram account, preventing fans from speculating about the meaning of the video.

Joseph Khan, a director who worked with Swift in some of her more popular works, added a smiley face to his retweet of the material. He also added to the hype when he mentioned Taylor’s “show of power,” adding that the singer will “blot out the sun,” leading fans to believe that Swift was ready to drop some pretty big news during the solar eclipse.

Her news does seem big, though. Swift is set to release the first single from her upcoming album on August 25. A second source for the star also noted that Taylor has been very secretive about her new material, however, her album is said to be a “really good one.” It is set to be released by fall and is expected to follow the success of 1989’s pop vibe.

The new song, according to Swift insiders, is said to be “Poppy,” with its accompanying music video set to premiere later in the week as well.

What does the video mean?

The new video had fans believing that Swift’s new album would point heavily to the fact that many internet users branded her a “snake” following the drama with Kanye West in 2016.

In fact, most of her social media posts have been branded by the green emoji, leading to many to think this will play a major role in her new album.

The Great American Solar Eclipse still topped worldwide news, but not without a dent from Swift’s news: fans were definitely in a frenzy on social media networks and primed to get ready for the singer’s new music.

Whether or not snakes will play a part in it still remains a question, though.