Tamra Judge, star of "Real Housewives of Orange County" has been feuding with her daughter Sidney for the past few years. The storyline has been a major part of her arc on this season of "rhoc," and she has confessed to feeling devastated that her daughter no longer speaks to her. During the show, Tamra spoke to castmate Lydia McLaughlin, saying that her daughter had started to text her back instead of ignoring her texts as she had in the past. Tamra saw this as a huge improvement over past interactions when her daughter completely ignored her, but it looks like things didn't stay that course between the pair for all that long.

Sidney writes about her mother on Facebook

Sidney has attempted to stay out of the public eye and has opted not to appear with her mother on "Real Housewives of Orange County." According to her, her mother made her and her siblings choose sides after the divorce from Sidney's father, Simon. Sidney says she originally chose her mother's side, but that she could no longer trust her mother after she requested that she keep their relationship off of the show and social media. Sidney says that after attending her high school graduation, her mother posted a photo on Instagram gushing about her, which Sidney had asked her specifically not to do. She also accused Tamra of leaving her and her siblings in the house sometimes without food so that she could film the show or be with her friends instead of being at home taking care of the children.

Sidney has also stated that the pair has gone to therapy together for quite a long time, but that strides have not been made despite her own efforts. As such, she is no longer interested in a relationship with Tamra.

Tamra is 'dead' to her daughter

According to an insider, as reported to Radar Online, Tamra reached out to Sidney after her Facebook post went viral and was plastered all over several media outlets.

The "RHOC" cast member wanted to make amends with her daughter, but her daughter was not having it. Radar Online reports that Sidney told her mother that it was time to leave it alone and that they would never have a relationship together. Instead of working toward a compromise, Sidney rather harshly told her mother that she was dead to her.

This has obviously devastated and broken Tamra Judge, who was sincerely hoping that one day the pair would reconcile and have a mother-daughter relationship again. However, it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.