The futuristic and ambitious Space X CEO has a way of announcing the demise of a relationship. His relationship, particularly with the “Aquaman” actress Amber Heard, has reached its end and Elon Musk casually wrote about it in the comment section of his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram post.

Elon Musk confirms split from Amber Heard on social media

For those who rooted for them to tie the knot eventually, the announcement was shocking and effortless. Shocking because they confirmed their relationship just recently, were reported to be having great times with his five children and were talking about living together as husband and wife.

It was effortless because it was just added a comment to her post. According to Vanity Fair, Amber Heard posted a photo of her mimicking Ariel in the “Little Mermaid” fork scene to which Musk commented with “V cute” [heart emoji]. Under the same post, Tesla founder wrote that he and Johnny Depp’s ex-wife have separated. He cited long distance relationship beset with heavy work schedules as the culprit that cause the demise of their romance. But he said that they remain close friends and their love for each other continues. He ended up the comment with a hope that maybe sometime in the future, they might reconnect.

As compared to how Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation, Musk and Heard’s was casually done with no much effort.

The “Take Me Home Tonight” stars affixed their names in a message that they jointly shared on their social media accounts.

Amber Heard confirms split from Elon Musk via Instagram

In an Instagram post, Amber Heard confirmed their split and thanked the public for their respect, support, and privacy. She added that she and her ex-boyfriend still care for each other according to the Us Weekly.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ended up in a turbulent divorce last year with the actor shelling out $7 million for settlement. She announced that she would give all the money to charity, but many are claiming that she did not donate the money to charities.

Elon Musk divorced the mother of his children Justin Wilson Musk after eight years of marriage.

Then he married actress Talulah Riley got divorced, remarried and finally declared divorced again in late 2016. Amber Heard's fans appreciated the scientifically-inclined investor for being straightforward in informing them about their break up. Heard’s Instagram post was flooded with comments both positive and negative about the split.