Selena Gomez recently collaborated with luxury bag brand Coach and co-designed her gorgeous collection of handbags that women will love.

E! Online reported that the “Come And Get It” singer partnered with the handbag brand and co-designed her own line of bags with the company’s creative director Stuart Vevers.

Her own line of Coach handbags come with bag charms, wristlets and mini-skinnies. The items will be available around the world starting this September 1, the report said.

The international pop singer expressed her excitement about seeing the designs that she and Vevers worked together for.

“I am very excited for all of you to finally see the design Stuart and I worked on together. I cannot wait to carry it,” Gomez told E! Online. “It is totally versatile, perfect for day and night affairs and it comes with everything on the line.”

The entertainment website also recently shared an exclusive video showing Gomez and the bag creators working together to finish the design for “The Selena Grace” bag. The video also showed the very first design meeting of the creative director and the singer.

Available accessories

“The Selena Grace” collection does not end with the handbag. E! Online indicated that there are also ID cases, charm accessories and wristlets, that customers and fans of the brand can all enjoy.

The rest of the collection reportedly includes the Selena Heart Bag Charm for $50, a Mini Skinny worth $55, and a Wristlet priced at $150. They are available in colors of red, Black And White.

The main handbag is available for $395, in colors of red, black and white as well, the article noted. This item is made to be carried on the shoulder or on the arm, customized for the various needs and preferences of women, The Sun Daily reported.

Selena Gomez and Coach

The Sun Daily earlier published a report that the singer has signed a deal to be part of the brand. The deal included Gomez slated to be among the faces of the label, and having the privilege to co-design one of its collections.

Gomez has been with other brands before, such as Louis Vuitton but her collaboration with Coach is reportedly her biggest fashion move ever.

The official launch of the singer's newest collection is happening next month, and fans are eager to see the line.

The “Come And Get It” singer is expected to appear at this year’s Teen Choice awards after garnering the most number of nominations among the entire list of nominees.