Sam Shepard, the acclaimed playwright, and Oscar-nominated actor died at 73. He was reportedly fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. For years, Shepard did a considerable amount of teaching on writing novels and plays for theater. Hollywood Stars now react on Twitter to Sam’s sudden death.

Reactions of different celebrities

See how they paid tributes on social media:

Alyssa Milano is one of the best Hollywood celebrities to dates. She tweeted, “May your soul rest in peace. I miss you Sam Shepard.” Patton Oswalt wrote, “I will always miss you around.

Dear Sam, you were one of the best actors.”

  • Ron Perlman – He explains that he is praying for Sam day and night.
  • Don Cheadle – Don writes that it’s sad to know that Sam has left us.
  • John Fugelsang – John says that he likes Jack Nicholson as an actor, but Sam Shepard deserved an Oscar for his work on “The Right Stuff.”
  • Jason Alexander – Jason notes that it’s very sad that a great man has passed away. He is thankful to Sam for all his works and dedication to theater.
  • Nikolaj Waldau – The “Game of Thrones” star writes that we have lost a hero of the film industry. He was also a hero of theater.
  • Michael Chiklis – He claims that he knows Sam for a couple of years. Michael Chiklis calls him one of the best actors.
  • Sarah Hyland – Sarah Hyland notes that Sam was such an incredible star. He has been one of her favorites.
  • David Alan Grier – He writes that may his soul rest in heavens with his favorite angels.
  • Ashley Greene – Ashley worked with Sam in “In Dubious Battle.” She wrote on her Twitter account, “We’ve lost an excellent talent today.”

Paul Wesley, Michael McKean, Josh Groban, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Munn, Sarah Hyland, Tony Goldwyn, Nicholas Sparks, and Kirstie Alley admired Sam’s performances in “Days of Heaven,” “Resurrection,” “The Right Stuff,” and “Black Hawk Down.” Some other celebrities who paid tributes to Sam Shepard are Rainn Wilson, Ethan Embry, George Takei, Antonio Banderas, Piper Perabo, Marc Maron, Rob Lowe, and Jeff Daniels.

We will definitely miss him

Sam Shepard’s body of work spanned over half a century.

He penned a variety of plays, essays, memoirs, and short stories during his career. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his beautiful performance in “Buried Child.” The actor was also nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Yeager in “The Right Stuff.” His plays are primarily known for their poetic elements and humor.

Sam died on July 27, 2017, at his home in Kentucky.

This year also sees the deaths of John Heard, Barbara Sinatra, and Jeanne Moreau. It is indeed a difficult year as a lot of international actors passed away. May their souls rest in peace!