As “Prison Break” returned with the fifth season after nine years of being away from the limelight, fans are now hoping that it will continue and will be renewed to have its sixth chapter. However, it looks like “Prison Break” Season 6 won’t come along soon. Although the recently concluded miniseries ended with a possibility to continue, Fox entertainment boss David Madden revealed that there is no official news about its return to the small screens.

The show’s possible return

"[There is] nothing that we are currently planning on,” David Madden told TV Line about “Prison Break” Season 6's future.

However, he admitted that they are always interested to feature new story angles about the life of the much-loved Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield), his family, and friends.

If the show’s producers have managed to think of another way to explore the television series’ storyline, David Madden teased that they would be excited to talk about it. As a matter of fact, according to Digital Spy, the serial drama’s executive producer Vaun Wilmott revealed that they are now busy thinking of a new concept to continue Miller and Lincoln Burrows’ (Dominic Purcell) story of brotherhood.

"If the right storyline comes along, I am sure the gang would be back to do it again,” he said during the summer. In fact, their ideas are now “percolating.” Wentworth Miller himself thinks that the television series has more stories to tell.

A top-notch story

Meanwhile, the show’s creator Paul Scheuring is now thinking of the possible ideas to continue the tale of Wentworth Miller and Lincoln Burrows in “Prison Break” Season 6.

As the television series concluded with a closed-ended story, it remains to be seen if it is about to be revived and return to the small screen.

With that, fans are now confused as to whether the 48-year-old film-television director is just giving them high hopes about the coming of a new installment.

In an earlier interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Paul Scheuring explained that the show might not return if they are not able to produce a “top-notch story.” In fact, he admitted that they don’t have the kind of narrative yet that the network’s big bosses are looking for.

If the show continues, he, too, wants it to have a “very high value and high quality” storyline that they could give to its fans.

It looks like viewers have to patiently wait before it finally comes to life. If they can’t produce this different kind of storyline, he confessed that “it may never come back.” So, they really have to think of a new way to continue Wentworth Miller’s tale, especially now that he is out of prison.