Those who watch "Teen Mom OG" and its predecessor, "Teen Mom 2" are very aware that cast members threaten to leave the show all of the time. There are also always rumors spreading that someone is going to leave the show for good. Recently, it was announced that Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend, would not be returning to the show after the pair broke up. Jenelle Evans has also threatened to never film again due to the conflicts with her mother, and there have been rumors going around that Chelsea Houska is ready to quit the show and live the quiet life.

However, while these are the usual suspects for throwing in the towel, there is actually another person who isn't returning to the show.

Farrah Abraham's mom decides to stop filming

It is unclear if Farrah Abraham's mother decided she no longer wanted to be apart of filming "Teen Mom OG" or if Farrah Abraham has decided for her mother that she will no longer participate. But it looks like Debra Danielsen, or Debz OG as she is known in the rap world, won't be returning for the next season of the show. Despite that, Debra is looking forward to getting married to Dr. Merz, whom she will tie the knot with this November in a wedding at the Omaha Zoo. Although the pair eventually wanted to go to Bora Bora for their nuptials, Deb stated that something happened that meant that she couldn't be too far away from home during her wedding.

Some speculate that Farrah's mom will be appearing on a new season of "Bridezillas" on WeTV, which is why she won't be able to leave the country.

The relationship is still very broken

Despite the pair having gone on "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition," it seems as though the pair's relationship was never mended at all.

A source close to Farrah spoke to and gave a current state of affairs on their relationship.

"While Farrah's relationship with Debra is in a healthier spot, things are definitely not in a mended place," the tipster revealed.

The article went on to reveal that Farrah and Debra haven't spoken since April, which means that Debra hasn't even been able to see her granddaughter, Sophia.

Neither Farrah nor her daughter will be attending Debra's wedding, as Farrah has stated she thinks it will be healthier for her to be happy for her mother from afar. Farrah deciding not to attend her mother's wedding could also have to do with the fact that Farrah and her mother's fiance do not get along at all.