Meghan King Edmonds made waves during her first season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," as she was the one who kept digging into Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis. At the time, Meghan was going through a similar thing, as Jimmy Edmonds' ex-wife was battling cancer herself. Sadly, she lost her fight with cancer as the show wrapped up for that season, and it has been an emotional journey for Meghan. However, she kept questioning Brooks' story, as things just didn't make sense. She called his doctor for clarification and even explored the various treatment options he tried.

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan is known as someone who likes to talk things out and get to the truth. When something is bothering her, she will continue to push until she learns the truth. This includes talking things through, including gossip. When King Edmonds brought up the drama from Ireland with her co-stars, new housewife peggy sulahian decided to pinch her lips together. Meghan was shocked and she revealed that Peggy had made a horrible first impression. However, Peggy's behavior didn't stop there, as she herself kept inserting herself into the drama on Monday's episode of the show.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that perhaps Peggy was just doing the lip pinching to be dramatic.

She didn't think it was worth rehashing drama at the time, but during Monday's episode, Sulahian kept inserting herself into Tamra Judge's drama with Vicki Gunvalson.

A contradiction?

It sounds like Meghan King Edmonds is trying to tell Peggy that she's a bit of a contradiction. While Peggy just wants the girls to rehash everything or move on, it sounds like she can't give them enough space to figure out whether there is something to be salvaged.

As King Edmonds reveals in her Bravo blog, Peggy should think twice about her decision to pinch Meghan's lips.

It sounds like Meghan feels that Peggy should forget her own behavior, as she made a fool of herself talking about other people's drama.

Not a fan of the gossip?

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan King Edmonds is all about the drama, as she doesn't mind going through some troubles to find a solution to everything. But it sounds like Peggy is completely different, as she doesn't like the drama at all. However, what she tells fans and then what she does are two different things.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds' tweet to Peggy?