Mariah Carey was recently accused of photoshopping her photo for a magazine cover wherein she posed topless. The PAPER magazine's latest issue immediately caught the attention of critics and supporters alike who were quick to bombard the singer with negative comments for allegedly editing her topless photo.

Carey draws flak for topless photo

Some commenters even asked the "We Belong Together" singer to go to the gym instead of faking her photo shoots, while others told her to accept and embrace her own imperfections. “I really admire you as a singer, you are one of my [favorites].

Your voice is the best by far, but this is not you," a fan wrote.

Another one said, "This saddens me because I saw the original and I think you look amazing without the glass of Photoshop. Embrace your body, Ma. We all already do."

After she drew flak for uploading her allegedly Photoshopped photo, Mariah Carey graced an interview with Page Six wherein she opened up about her personal issues. Despite her immense popularity in the music scene, the 46-year-old artist wished to be treated with the same respect as regular people.

Singer discusses weakness and past struggles

"I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that," she confessed. “I can’t measure what type of respect I deserve — I really can’t."

She went on to admit how being biracial has affected her confidence and perspective in life.

Mariah Carey, however, found comfort in music which helped her overcome her personal issues. The award-winning artist confessed that she struggled to fit in and to trust people when she first entered the industry.

The "One Sweet Day" singer even added that she often questions other people's intention before she recalled her earlier years in the music industry.

The singer looked back at how she struggled to get a record deal and how she had to sleep in the studio because she had no money and place to stay.

This experience has inspired Mariah Carey to pursue her dreams and achieve success as one of the most influential singers in the world. The artist also revealed that she is currently brewing something for her fans.

Aside from a new fragrance, which she said "smells like success," the "Touch My Body" singer confirmed that she is working on a "secret song" at the moment.

After she opened up about her struggles with self-esteem, fans lauded and cheered on Mariah Carey for bravely admitting her weakness to the public.