Miley Cyrus was nowhere to be found when the 2017 Teen Choice Awards took place at Galen Center, Los Angeles, on Saturday. Before her absence was confirmed by Victoria Justice, the "Malibu" singer was actually seen at the venue for the soundcheck and rehearsal.

Singer explains reason for no-show at 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Miley Cyrus, who was supposed to receive her honorary award, released a statement through an Instagram post wherein she said that she was "beyond bummed" she could not make it to the show due to her "unrealistic schedule." After thanking her fans for giving her the Ultimate Choice award, the "Wrecking Ball" artist revealed that she will be releasing the official music video of her new single, "Younger Now," on Friday.

"I am so excited to share it will all of you! I hope to always make people smile and shine light through my work," she wrote. "I look forward to making music for the rest of my life and I'm thankful everyday for those who listen!"

Her statement received mixed response from her fans. Some were happy to hear about the singer's new music, while others were displeased that she bailed on the 2017 Teen Choice Awards last minute. More than these reasons, fans were surprised when Jake Paul was chosen to host the event on behalf of Miley Cyrus.

The internet is not happy with Jake Paul hosting the awarding ceremony

It is worth noting that Jake Paul was recently mired in a string of controversies for his prank and racist remarks towards a fan.

In July, the social media personality and his team were complained by his neighbors for allegedly turning his neighborhood into a "war zone" with his stunts.

Following the incident, the YouTube star immediately lost his gig with Disney Channel. Jake Paul has starred in "Bizaardvark" series for over a year before the network confirmed his departure from the program.

The social media influencer later clarified that that network did not dump him because of the controversy.

"I love my cast mates and will continue to support Disney but I have outgrown the channel and feel it's time to move forward in my career," he wrote in a Twitter post. "I am wanting to focus more on my personal brand, my YouTube channel, business ventures, growing Team 10, and working on more adult acting roles."

It did not take long before Jake Paul found himself in another controversy for mocking a foreign supporter.

In one of his videos, the 20-year-old personality made fun of his supporter from Kazakhstan and told him, "It sounds like you're just going to blow someone up." He later apologized and asked for forgiveness for the things he has said and done.