luann de lesseps decided to file for divorce last Thursday from Thomas D’Agostino. The two filed for divorce together in Sag Harbor and within a few days, Luann jumped on a plane and headed to Switzerland. It’s no secret that de Lesseps may be heartbroken over her decision to divorce Tom as she really wanted the relationship to work out. Sadly, things weren’t meant to be and people were happy to see her move on from Tom. Surprisingly, Luann is now revealing that she’s having a great time overseas.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps was beaming in a photo shared of her hiking around the Alps.

Clearly, this is her old stomping grounds as she was once married to a man who came from here. While she probably didn’t go back to visit her ex-husband, one can imagine she just wanted to go to a place where she could clear her head and find herself again.

Fleeing to Switzerland

When Luann de Lesseps showed up at the airport earlier this week, fans were surprised to see her flying out of the country to deal with her divorce. She didn’t seem to find any solitude in her “Real Housewives of New York” co-stars and she decided to leave on the trip without any of them in tow. Many of her co-stars have tried to warn her several times about Thomas and his cheating ways.

Perhaps Luann just didn’t want to hear the “I told you so” comments from her co-stars as she tries to mend her broken heart.

Despite reports that she staged the divorce from Tom and only got married for the sake of ratings, it sounds like she’s genuinely sad that it didn’t work out. However, she doesn’t look devastated in the picture snapped in Switzerland.

Wants the victim status?

When Luann de Lesseps wrote the Twitter update about her spending time in the Swiss mountains, she revealed that she got just what the doctor ordered.

However, not all of her followers believed what she was saying. One person called her out it, revealing that Luann shouldn’t be calling out for so much attention as she herself decided to marry Tom.

Plus, given everything her co-stars had been saying about him, she knew that he liked women and would possibly cheat on her.

After he was caught cheating, she stayed with him anyway. It sounds like she brought this on herself and fans aren’t exactly buying the victim mentality.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps’ tweet from the Alps? Do you think she’s beaming while hiking in the mountains, despite just filing for divorce?