Leah Messer from "Teen Mom 2" may be financially stable these days, as she gets paid for the reality show every season. Rumor has it that these girls get upwards of $300,000 per season, which is quite a lot considering their ages. This money has resulted in the girls being able to buy homes and cars for themselves, so they can give their children a steady home.

While some of the girls may have spent the money responsibly throughout the years, others have invested in real estate and even used the money to go back to school to get an education. Leah Messer is one of those people, as she has enrolled in school so she can pay for her education and pay for her children to get an education as well.

Learning from her childhood?

It sounds like Leah Messer is trying to use some of her own experiences as a child, as she didn't grow up wealthy. According to a new tweet, she's revealing that she's paying it forward by donating children's clothes to people in need. In other words, if she had been a young teen mom herself without the show behind her, one can imagine that she would be the one accepting the clothes. It sounds like Leah knows how lucky she is to have this opportunity.

MTV a huge financial help

It sounds like Messer knows that she is lucky and that she is able to live the life that she does.

It's definitely not every teenage mother that gets paid so much money to film a reality show. Leah and the other girls have complained that MTV sometimes edits their storyline to add drama. But she doesn't seem to mind when the paycheck arrives. One can imagine that the money is worth it, as she can support her family despite being a single mother of three.

Many fans have encouraged Leah and the other girls to save their money, as the MTV show won't be on air forever. The network has revealed that they will probably continue to film the show as long as viewers keep watching, and it sounds like the show is one of the more popular shows on the network. But the girls have expressed interest in possibly leaving the show and getting some privacy.

Jenelle Evans is one of the girls who often experiences drama with fans, whether it is out in public or someone showing u up at her house. She has even experienced fans of the show calling Child Protective Services because they felt that her kids aren't safe. No reports have been filed against the "Teen Mom 2" star,

What do you think about Leah Messer paying her experiences forward? Are you surprised that she's thinking about the children and remembering where she came from by donating clothes that she herself would probably be picking up if it wasn't for MTV?