It is no secret to Kristen Stewart fans that the actress has been challenging gender norms. Regardless if she's dating a man or a woman, the androgynous beauty recently revealed that she was deeply in love with each and every one of them.

Kristen Stewart recently made headlines again when she and girlfriend Stella Maxwell crashed a lesbian wedding reception in Canada. This created some buzz around the couple's relationship. When will it be their turn and what happened to talks of them getting married?

Kristen Stewart on love and dating men again

Now, in an interview for Harper's Bazaar UK, Stewart revealed that she was not faking it - in terms of her relationships. She explained that she welcomed the duality that came with her romantic ties, irrespective of gender.

She added that she never felt confused or any kind of struggle. Her main concern was more of not being made fun of by others.

Speaking about matters of the heart, the "Twilight" actress also opened up about dating Men again - even comparing relationship preferences to food. She said that she is definitely open to seeing men again. Stewart also said that most people are not like that - if they liked grilled cheese, they will not change their preference anymore.

What would her current partner Stella Maxwell think of this statement? Hopefully the couple are still blissfully enjoying their relationship.

Stewart's fame and her apparent "resting b*tch face"

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart also addressed some other issues aside from her dating life. E! Online reported that the actress also answered questions (via the same British magazine) about the fame she has been experiencing.

Stewart said that fame is being given ridiculous value and she dislikes it. Not to be mistaken as unappreciative, she was quick to follow her statement that she sometimes finds it weird to talk to the public as an entirety. It could be easy to relate to some individuals, but it's a different story collectively.

Commenting on her supposed resting b*tch face, the actress said that yes, she suffers from it.

She added that she's not acting all the time and that's when the public gets to see how famous people really are.

On being a tomboy, she was used to dressing up and behaving kind of boyish years ago. The shift in Stewart's appearance became apparent during her puberty. Her hair was long - she looked like a normal girl and was generally accepted by many as one of the prettiest girls in show business but that did not hinder her to reveal her true self now.

Well, she's taken the reigns back and is doing what she wants - even if it means shaving her long hair off. Kristen Stewart is not afraid to express herself and it doesn't change her ability to dazzle with her talents.