Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s tandem is, undoubtedly, considered as one of the most successful pairings in the history of Hollywood. There is no denying that the “Twilight” series helped the duo develop their showbiz careers, which later turned them into A-list celebrities.

The vampire-themed franchise came to a close in 2012 and the former couple ended their relationship a year after. Recently, in an interview with The Huffington Post, the fiancé of FKA Twigs teased that he is willing to reunite with his former sweetheart in another movie.

Stewart-Pattinson reunion possible?

Robert Pattinson could not help but express his excitement over the possibility that he and Kristen Stewart might do another film together five years since the split. THP’s Matthew Jacobs brought up the previous claims of Lionsgate executive Patrick Wachsberger that there might be another “Twilight” movie.

When asked if he is willing to reprise his role as Edward Cullen, Pattinson answered a resounding yes. According to him, all the people he met while doing the movie series have inspired him to become a better person.

”It did inspire me at the time. And, really, it’s kind of awesome. It’s the way people interpret I,” Robert Pattinson told The Huffington Post.

“People would excuse you for not taking something seriously if it becomes this mainstream thing and everyone’s fiending. I took it just as seriously — more seriously — than other things I’ve done,” Kristen Stewart’s former boyfriend went on.

Pattinson even recalled how he felt upon hearing the term “franchise” for the first time, which refers to film series.

FKA Twigs fiancé added that he never had an idea that “Twilight” would help him earn millions of dollars along with co-stars Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

While there is still a chance of having a Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart reunion movie in the near future, it should be noted that nothing is final up to this writing. Hence, avid followers of the “Eclipse” stars should take these speculations lightly.

FKA Twigs’ fiancé retorted to Trump’s tweets

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson finally answered the remarks of US President Donald Trump about Kristen Stewart cheating on him. As shared by Just Jared, Trump reacted on the “Breaking Dawn” star’s split in 2012 wherein he suggested the actor to never take his ex-girlfriend back after being dishonest to him.

According to Pattinson, Trump’s remarks did not really mean anything to him. The soon-to-be husband of FKA Twigs told Entertainment Weekly that he’s so over his split from Stewart and the cheating controversy does not affect his life anymore.

To recall, Kristen Stewart has responded to Donald Trump’s tweets during her appearance on “Saturday Night Live” show. Robert Pattinson’s ex-sweetheart even joked she got frustrated that the president did not answer her. Stay tuned for more news and updates!