South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin has completed the first stage of his cancer treatment, according to the actor’s management Sidus HQ. The statement indicated that the Kim Woo Bin is recovering well but has lost a lot of weight because of the treatment.

Nasopharyngeal cancer diagnosis

In May, Kim Woo Bin’s agency, SidusHQ announced that the actor was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare form of cancer that affects the nasal passage and the throat. The actor reportedly went for a check-up at the hospital because he was not feeling too well and was shocked by the diagnosis.

According to the actor's doctor, Dr. Jung Yoo Seok, who is a specialist from the National Cancer Center, the survival rate for nasopharyngeal cancer mainly depends on the patient’s health as well as at what stage the cancer was diagnosed. If the cancer is found and treated in its early stages, patients have a 70 percent chance of surviving. Those found in stage 3 and 4 conditions would depend on the patient's resilience.

Fans and friends of the "The Heirs" star rallied behind the actor and wished him well as he immediately underwent treatment. He was reportedly being treated with radiation and non-surgical procedures. Many expressed hope that he will respond well to the treatment because he is still relatively young.

Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin’s good friend took to Instagram to express his love for his buddy, saying that he knew about the actor’s condition before the news was announced. He praised his friend’s positive disposition and said that he is hoping for the best. His girlfriend Shin Min Ah has been silently but steadily supporting her beau, according to reports.

She has been staying by his side during all the treatments and check-ups.

Kim Woo Bin’s co-workers have also shown their regard for the actor. The production for Choi Dong Hoon’s “Wiretap” has been postponed indefinitely to make room for the actor’s treatment. The studio said that they willingly suspended production because his health was more important.

Weight loss and future treatment

Asia One cited the Korean Herald as writing that a Sidus HQ official said that Kim Woo Bin was recuperating well from the first stage of the treatment. As a matter of fact, he has been able to exercise on his own after recovering for some time.

However, the agency acknowledged that Woo Bin has lost some weight. After the first cycle of treatment, the actor lost some 10 kilos and now weighs 60 kilograms which is well below the ideal weight for his 6’2 frame. Sidus HQ maintained that they remain optimistic about the actor’s new tests this August and his next stage of treatment.