Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z used to be friends but some issues have caused a riff to their friendship, which reportedly broke the heart of the reality star. Rappers Yeezy and Jay were like brothers but after the Jay-Z's 4:44 album was released where he dissed Ye in one of his tracks, their feud continued to rage on. In the track, Jay called out to Ye, branding him as insane and losing his principles, which prompted Yeezy to pull out his music from Tidal. Now, it seems that the socialite is serious about mending their broken hearts to be friends with the Carters again but Bey remains reluctant to befriend her again.

Kim badly wants her friendship with Bey

A source recently told Hollywood Life that Kim Kardashian has been trying to befriend the Carters but Beyonce doesn’t seem to want to put their differences aside. [The socialite] and Beyonce do not talk much at all and have not been close in a long time,” the insider said. "[She] sent over some gifts when Beyonce had her twins, which did earn a thank you card from [Bey] and Jay but the communication was minimal.” The source went on to say that the division between them has grown over the years to the extent that they are almost strangers to each other and don't even text, call or email.

It is said that the riff has made Kim Kardashian heartbroken especially that she admires Beyonce for being a great mother, artist and a successful businesswoman.

The insider further said that the reality star wants to befriend Bey because she knows that she can learn a lot from their friendship. The socialite reportedly begged Kanye West to apologize to Jay Z and be the bigger man but it seems that her husband is not keen to do such thing. In fact, he’s the one who wants Jay to accept his wife instead or their feud will stay forever.

Yeezy vs Jay

The documentary “Public Enemies: JAY-Z Vs. Kanye West” states that Jay and Bey cut off their relationship with Yeezy when they noticed that he was serious about Kim Kardashian. It also states that they both represent a “different side of the modern celebrity.” Ye is the one who loves the media attention especially when he married the reality star.

Jay is the person who’s protective of his privacy with Beyonce. Their feud may not be fixed as soon but fans are hoping to see them again just like before.

As for Kim Kardashian, we can only hope for the best for her with Beyonce. We never know what the future holds. So, if they’d be friends, then that’s great news. What do you think?