"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Fans had been waiting for Kail to give birth for so long that they joked that her pregnancy was as long as April the Giraffe -- the animal that seemed to take forever to give birth. She even retweeted photoshopped pictures of her head on April's body, showing good humor over the fact that she was still waiting to give birth. However, now that the star's new baby is here, she is having trouble deciding what she's going to name him.

Kail's always been indecisive when it comes to Baby Lo

Kailyn Lowry, who dubbed her child Baby Lo early on in the pregnancy, admitted to being indecisive about the child's future name. The mom of three fueled further rumors, which were later confirmed, that her child's father is Chris Lopez, by nicknaming him Baby Lo, but she later clarified that it stood for her surname, Lowry. At one point during her pregnancy, she pulled up a naming law from Australia that stated that she had 60 days to name her new addition. She also posted Twitter polls and tried to get her fans in on the act when attempting to name her child. However, most people were less than impressed with the names she had chosen, including Finn, Ripken, and Nixon.

Although the star has tweeted that her new son doesn't currently have a name, there have been rumors that she has either decided on or is heavily considering naming him Finn.

She didn't know the sex until he was born

One of the reason's Kail has been so indecisive about Baby Lo's name is due to the fact that she didn't know his sex until he was born.

Instead of knowing ahead of time, Kailyn decided she was going to be surprised by his sex when he came out of the womb. She stated that this was a joint decision with the father of the baby, Chris Lopez, but he has not made any statements thus far regarding whether or not this was the case.

The "Teen Mom 2" star decorated Baby Lo's nursery in a neutral gray and purchased all neutral furniture and baby outfits.

Although fans predicted Kailyn was going to give birth to a baby boy, she participated in an Old Wives Tale experiment in which someone dangles a ring on a string over the mother's stomach. According to that, she was supposed to deliver a girl, but clearly it wasn't very accurate or scientific, as she delivered a healthy and strong baby boy in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, letting fans know a few hours later.