Jeremy Vuolo, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s sons-in-law received flak recently for posting a video taken inside a church. The ordained pastor of a church in Laredo, Texas got a chance to listen to one of their best pastors. Jeremy video recorded Pastor John MacArthur’s preaching then shared it on social media.

Jeremy Vuolo slammed for recording during church service

Many of his brethren in the faith and “Counting On” fans were grateful for the video. However, not all were pleased. One user wrote that it was not proper to personally record a video then share it to the public as reported by the Christian Post.

Jeremy who is an admirer of MacArthur feels he just heard a good sermon and wants to share it with those who have not witnessed the preaching.

“Counting On” followers admired the preacher too. The user went on to comment that it is an improper behavior to record during a Church Service. Jeremy did not respond to the negative comment and went on to share a photo with his wife and the MacArthurs on Instagram.

Jeremy Vuolo has a dramatic conversion to Christianity

Jinger’s husband is an active minister of the gospel who experienced a humbling experience in life before he became a true believer of Jesus Christ. Jeremy was raised in a Christian home but in his young adult years, his life went into a downward spiral according to the Jeremy and Jinger blog – The Vuolos.

He turned to worldly things and enjoyed its pleasures.

He shared that he enjoys partying, became proud, and lustful. It was during the time in his life that his relationship with his family declined, his spiritual life became stagnant and he was overpowered by the sins in his life. He went back to God and asked for His forgiveness.

At present, he is leading the Grace Christian Church at Laredo, Texas where he and Jinger settled. His wife is supportive of his ministry because she is a devout Christian herself. Just like Jill Duggar-Dillard, Jessa Duggar-Seewald, and Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth, Jinger and Jeremy are working on evangelizing and sharing the Word of God.

The couple who got married in November last year was able to purchase their own house. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo has not revealed whether they want a baby soon or they are deferring having children until some future time. But in a trailer for the upcoming season of “Counting On” he was quoted saying that parenting is very challenging. Jinger said that it is up to God when He will bless them with kids.