Hawaii Five-O” fans have just a little more than a month until Season 8 of their favorite police drama starts, and the stars of the crime-busting drama had a big week. Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan both celebrated birthdays, as the partners both hit 41 this year, and never looked better. Many fans are still struggling with the huge changes in the “Five-O” force this year. Any glance at the show’s social media pages proves that the pleas to return to the days that included the now departed cast are still loud and strong. That ship has sailed, and many may still feel the twinge of pain in not seeing cherished faces in the title credits, and that puts added pressure on the new starring regulars to make the proper first impression.

Those new regulars revealed a bit more of themselves and their stories in coming to “Hawaii Five-O,” per August 25 news.

Nice to meet you

More scenes featuring new “Hawaii Five-O” force members, Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale are offered. The Canadian actress, Rath, clearly favors the color red, as evidenced by her bevy of beautiful web images in dazzling red gowns. She has never looked so cozy as she does as the middle of a “sandwich” image between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan, wrapped in a towel over her red bathing suit. Of course, she is flashing a smile.

Other photos show Rath serious and getting down to business with Danny and Steve as Tani Rey, a police academy recruit who gets kicked out of training after some disciplinary run-ins.

Executive producer, Peter Lenkov, insists that her character fits perfectly with the “Hawaii Five-O” mission because all the elite members “are all broken toys, in some way.” When Steve McGarrett offers her a second chance after seeing her as a hotel lifeguard, it gives Tani Rey opportunity to prove her metal has an officer, and gives actress, Rath, much more of a dramatic range than seen by the larger public before.

She also shows she can relate to Danny Williams’ sardonic sense of humor, sharing genuine smiles with Scott Caan in another shot.

Beulah Koale is pictured in another genuine moment, shaking hands with Alex O'Loughlin as Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett. He reportedly gets off on the right foot with his prospective new boss, offering a salute as he stands waiting at McGarrett’s door.

New Zealand born actor portrays former Navy Seal, Junior Reigns, who returns to his home, eager to put his military skills to work for the building of a better island society. There may already be some seeds of conflict that the two characters will need to sort out, as any fan of the daring, “rules do not apply” guy might guess. Peter Lenkov elaborates that Junior is a “by-the-book kind of guy.” These characters will need to find common ground beyond their honored military service to peacefully coexist. Watching that process unfold through the season should be fun.

Like the finest things

CBS made the birthdays of its most successful “bromance” special by sharing fun facts on August 23 and 24th, the big days for Scott and Alex.

Most of the information is already well known by long-time fans, but one tasty tidbit is that Alex O’Loughlin is an expert on making meatballs, insisting that the quality of the beef and the cut of the freshest garlic makes all the difference. For special guests, he insists on using “Kobe orWagyu.” Who can resist a man who knows how to crack a case, and still is handy in the kitchen?

Faithful “Hawaii Five-O” viewers have Scott Caan to thank for the favorite experience between the two partners, the “cargument.” The actor came up with the perfectly descriptive name for the on the road banter between himself and O'Loughlin, and since, no episode is ever complete without at least one of these exchanges. Like gourmet cheeses, fine wine, and episodes of “Hawaii Five-O,” these stars only get better with age, but that doesn't mean fans cannot get excited about the future.