One cannot help but marvel at the genius of stage luminary Lin-Manuel Miranda when he adapted a biography of one of America’s Founding Fathers into the now-heavyweight Broadway musical “Hamilton.” The success of the production was rooted in its use of hip-hop and rap blended with good old show tunes. There was also the diversified casting that had non-white actors and actresses portraying historical characters the musical. “Hamilton” has since risen to a pop-cultural phenomenon that has resonated with the immigrant population of the US, as the “Hamilton Mixtape” album from last year attests to.

Another indicator of the musical’s wide reach is the release of an official “Hamilton” mobile app last week that now has over half-million downloads.

Multifunctional app

Indeed, the Broadway musical “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda has just gotten its very own multi-purpose mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. The production conceptualized this app as a means for their legions of fans to have an “unprecedented level of access” to the show itself and all pertinent material to it. With the help of the New York-based digital product dev Posse and none other than Google itself, they have churned out an app that is part music streamer, emoji generator, photo filter, and online ticket promo merchant.

Google is the MVP of sorts where the “Hamilton” app is concerned, thanks to their contribution of their Flutter programming framework. Google Flutter is the ultimate resource for app developers who want to code an application to be available for both iPhones and Android versions by making their development viable through cross-platform coding solutions.

With Flutter, both the “Hamilton” team and Posse managed to churn out the app in record time. It is now available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Fan frenzy

It does not need to be said that no sooner had an official app for the “Hamilton” musical been ready for download than its overeager followers pounced upon it with gusto.

Immediately Twitter was flooded with effusive praise for the app, as well as snapshots are taken using the various photo filters like Alexander Hamilton’s Continental Army uniform or King George III. The musical’s producer Jeffery Seller remarks that the production is looking at more ways to immerse their fans in the “Hamilton” experience by using innovative technologies on mobile devices and more.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda writing lyrics, music, and book, as well as debuting the lead role, “Hamilton” would go on to win 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, and a Pulitzer Prize. The creator currently has a voice-acting part in Disney XD's 'Ducktales' and a role in 'Mary Poppins Returns.'