In “Eastwatch,” Cersei revealed that she is pregnant with Jaime’s baby. Fans quickly suggested that Cersei might be lying. Whether the pregnancy is real or a lie, it might fulfill the prophecy regarding Cersei’s death.

The prophecy

In a flashback in Season 5, Cersei, along with her friend, went to see Maggy the Frog to ask her about her future. Maggy told her that she would marry a King and that she would be Queen until someone younger and more beautiful takes her down. Maggy continued that the King will have 20 children and she will have 3 – gold would be their crowns and gold their shrouds.

The show omitted an important detail in the prophecy. In the books, the prophecy concluded: “And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your paper white throat and choke the life from you.”

Is it fake?

Cersei and Jaime did have sex this season, so there is a possibility that she is pregnant - but many fans are not convinced. Fans think that Cersei faked her pregnancy only to keep Jaime on her side. She is confident that Jaime won’t leave her if she’s pregnant with his child.

After the Loot Train Battle, Jaime was convinced that they won’t win the war against Daenerys after seeing just one dragon in action. Jaime also met Tyrion in secret, with help from Bronn.

Fans pointed out that Cersei, wisely, chose the perfect timing to tell Jaime the news.

Cersei feels that Jaime is starting to lose faith in her cause. So she pulls him back by telling him about the pregnancy. Cersei’s choice of words emphasizes that she and he are together come what may. Just when they were having an intimate moment, instead of being happy with the baby, she warned him ‘never to betray’ her again.

The main reason why fans think the pregnancy isn’t real is that of Maggy’s prophecy. Maggy explicitly told her that she will have three children. They were Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen - all of them died, partly due to herself.

There is also a possibility that Cersei is pregnant, but she may suffer from a miscarriage. If anything, Cersei’s children are the only thing that ‘makes her human.' When all her three children died, she became a monster with nothing to hold her back.

The Valonqar

‘Valonqar’ translates to ‘little brother’ in High Valyrian, and the one prophesized to kill her. In the books, Cersei assumes that Tyrion is the ‘Valonqar’ – and thus her hatred of him. Fans theorized a long time ago that Jaime, who was born after Cersei, might be the one to kill her. If Jaime discovers that the pregnancy is not real, it might drive him off the edge and be the ‘Valonqar’ in the end.

There is also a new theory that Cersei could die from childbirth, assuming the pregnancy is real. The child will be the ‘Valonqar’ to kill her, but the ‘choke’ part of the prophecy doesn’t play out. Fans have also pointed out, that in Season 7, all of Cersei’s costumes cover her neck. Is she wary of the ‘Valonqar’ choking her to death?