Fredrik Eklund revealed some amazing news on last night’s episode of "Million Dollar Listing New York." For years, Fredrik and his husband Derek Kaplan revealed that they were trying to have children and Eklund was beaming with excitement when they first got pregnant. He announced that they were expecting twins. Sadly, within short weeks of announcing the pregnancy, they suffered a miscarriage.

They were devastated by the news, but Derek encouraged Fredrik to try again, and they tried twice. Sadly, they lost both of those babies as well. On "Million Dollar Listing," Derek revealed that he was ready to try again, even though they had suffered two additional miscarriages through surrogacy.

But it sounds like the fourth time is a charm for this couple, as Eklund confirmed the news on his Instagram page last night as the episode was airing. He was going to be a father to not one, but two children. They are expecting a boy and a girl.

Twins on the way

Fredrik learned the news of the pregnancy when he was in Paris with his husband Derek for business. He had been requested to fly to Paris to help sell some real estate, and Eklund was excited at the opportunity. Little did he know, his husband Derek had some amazing news to share with him. He shared the news by coming to Paris and sharing the news in a tearful scene.

Fans are overjoyed with the news

It sounds like fans are excited that Derek and Fredrik are expecting twins; one boy and one girl.

This is something that he had been very excited about for quite some time, and he is even more excited to learn that he will be a father very soon. When he found out that they were pregnant, it was back in the spring

Since they already know that they're having a boy and a girl, it sounds like they're much further ahead in the pregnancy than four months.

In other words, Fredrik and Derek have plenty of things to look forward to. It sounds like they are overjoyed at the news, even though they could be fairly close to their Due Date. If they found out they were pregnant and had an ultrasound done in late April, which is when they went to Paris, then they could be upwards of 5 or 6 months along.

That means the babies will make their arrival close to Thanksgiving, if not Christmas.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund’s baby announcement on Instagram yesterday? Are you surprised and happy for him that they will finally become fathers after years of waiting for this to happen?