Farrah Abraham has been on "Teen Mom OG" for years, and she has always been a stubborn and strong woman. When she was filming "16 & Pregnant," people felt sorry for Farrah because she lost Sophia's father in a car accident before she was born. She has been a single mother for years, and she's worked hard to keep things together. It's no secret she's had a troubled relationship with her mother and the two of them have argued to the point where police reports have been filed. Fans could forgive Abraham's bad attitude when it came to her mother, but Farrah has started to treat everyone in her life badly.

According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham is now facing some harsh feedback from viewers, who believe that her mother's behavior may ruin Sophia. Fans point out that Farrah's daughter sees how she's talking to her own mother and she may learn this behavior and treat Abraham badly herself one day. Of course, Farrah's behavior isn't new, as she has often made headlines for her diva behavior.

Rude behavior

The rude behavior influences how people take her. It's hard for some people to take her seriously as a businesswoman when she breaks down and has a diva moment on the show. Over the years, she's worked hard to launch various businesses and fans do admire how hard she works. But her behavior ruins how people see her.

While she wants to be taken seriously, her behavior isn't really how a professional woman works.

"You're an inappropriate role model for your daughter. By the looks of it now, your daughter will soon turn into you. This comment is coming from a teenager who can see how immature you are," one person wrote to Farrah on Instagram, reminding Abraham that she should watch how she acts as her daughter notices these things.

Child recognizes behavior

On "Teen Mom OG," Sophia has noticed how Farrah Abraham talks to her own mother. She often asks her own mother to talk nicely to grandmother, and Farrah just shakes her head. Fans are concerned that Sophia will grow up to be a replica of her mother, who won't treat people with respect. One can hope that Sophia is somewhat sheltered from the drama that plays out on "Teen Mom OG." She recognizes when her mother crosses the line.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham as a role model? Do you think Sophia will be just fine or do you think Farrah should change the way she acts and parents, as her daughter will be severely influenced by her aggressive behavior towards her own mother?