Taylor Swift is being targeted online by her own Fans for teaming up with Ticketmaster for the selling of tickets to her show. The singer is encouraging her fans to take part in boost activities, which will put them higher on the list for purchasing the tickets. Fans are furious at the singer's ruthless business plan, and many are worried that they will not have enough money to take part in the boost activities.

The star revealed her collaboration with Ticket Master

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor Swift has announced that she is collaborating with Ticketmaster for the sale of tickets to her next concert.

Once fans try to purchase a ticket, they will enter into a waiting list. Swift has revealed that fans who purchase her merchandise and watch her videos will have a higher chance of getting tickets.

The celebrity claims that this is a fun way to interact with her fans and to earn access to the show. Swift believes that putting these policies in place will prevent fans from being scammed by people selling tickets to her concerts for much higher prices. The celebrity explained that this was the main reason for her decision.

According to Mashable UK, Taylor Swift has been receiving a lot of backlash for this decision. Fans are criticizing the celebrity for taking advantage of the Ticketmaster Verified Fan Program.

Other performers have taken part in the program in the past but have not tried to exploit their fans by doing so.

Swift failed to notify her fans that they would earn more points for buying her merchandise than they will by watching her videos. It appears that the singer does not care that some fans do not have the money to take part in this special Ticketmaster bonus.

Her fans have taken to social media to express their opinions

According to E! News, Taylor Swift's fans are outraged that the singer is trying to exploit them through her new deal with Ticketmaster. Fans have tweeted at the singer and criticized her decision.

Some of the star's fans have actively turned against her and have stated that she is simply money hungry and does not care about her fan base at all.

Fans who have entered into the Ticketmaster Wait List do not have a guaranteed ticket to Swift's concert and are worried that their chances will be next to none with the addition of these boost activities.

One fan posted an image of his laptop screen once he entered the draw, which shows where he is placed on the waiting list towards getting a ticket. The fan stated that Swift was going to lose many of her followers because of this deal.

Taylor Swift has not commented on the major backlash that she is receiving and fans are demanding an answer from the singer.