American Horror Story is returning for a new season, entitled “Cult,” and it has been confirmed that actress Emma Roberts would be joining the cast once more.

The show’s upcoming season will be the seventh in the franchise.

Return to 'American Horror Story'

On social media, series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed the return of Emma Roberts to the upcoming season of “AHS” He posted a photo of her on Instagram, indicating a caption that the actress has returned and ready for action.

Roberts also posted the exact same photo on her page, saying that she is indeed coming back.

Many of her fans are indeed excited to see her back on the show.

It has been a tradition of “American Horror Story” to keep their storyline in the dark to add fuel to the excitement for the show’s return.

So far, all that has been brought to public’s knowledge is the fact that the upcoming season is inspired by the events of the recent 2016 presidential elections.

As to what extent they are going to adopt the real life storyline is yet to be known when “American Horror Story” season 7 premieres.

More actors returning and new faces emerge in new season

Aside from Emma Roberts, some more names were announced to join the upcoming season of “American Horror Story.”

Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will also be part of the series, although their roles in the show have not been disclosed yet.

Some of the new faces to watch out for are Lena Dunham, Billy Eichner and Roberts’ co-star on “Scream Queens,” Billie Lourd.

On the other hand, showrunners have confirmed that neither Jessica Lange nor Lady Gaga is returning, at least for this season, a news which left some of the viewers disappointed. Meanwhile, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett's involvement in "Cult" is not yet confirmed.

Some fans initially thought that Roberts was simply visiting the set; however, her return was confirmed when she herself posted about joining the series again.

She has had many experiences in horror storylines and has received positive feedback from viewers and critics alike. Thus, her return to “American Horror Story” is very much anticipated by many of her avid fans and the show’s fans as well.

Season 7 will premiere on September 5. This surprise announcement was made during the San Diego Comic Con.

Only the title and the premiere date of the show were revealed during the event.

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