Deena Katz is not ruling out the possibility of recruiting someone from the White House to complete their lineup for "Dancing with the Stars" season 25. In fact, the executive producer revealed that they still have one or two slots to fill in before the show returns with a whole new season on September 18.

Of casting White House staffers, high-profile figures

But when asked about Sean Spicer's rumored participation in the dance program, Katz reminded the "DWTS" viewers not to believe everything they read on the internet. Katz admitted that she often jokes about doing a whole cast of White House staffers for the new season, but thinks that it is best to continue what they have been doing for the past 12 years.

Although the show has previously recruited political figures, like Rick Perry, the executive producer suggested that they have to focus on the program's main objective, which is to provide entertainment through friendly competitions on the dance floor and nothing else.

Katz added that she would like to "let people escape for two hours" from the "volatile atmosphere" of politics when they tune in on "DWTS."

The executive producer did not deny the fact that the rumored casting of high-profile officials has earned the show good publicity. Katz, however, insisted that she would never compromise the program's reputation for advertising. She added that she no problem with this kind of publicity as long as it does not hurt the program.

She went on to explain her desire to keep a friendly environment on the "DWTS" set, which she said has always been the reason why the show has reached this far.

Potential candidates for 'DWTS' season 25

Katz and the "DWTS" team have remained tight-lipped about the upcoming season's lineup. However, several names have already emerged as potential candidates for the dance program.

One of these rumored contestants is DeMario Jackson, who was recently mired in a huge scandal with his "Bachelor in Paradise" fellow, Corinne Olympios.

An affiliate even claimed that Jackson is "highly interested" in making his way to the dance floor after he confirmed his departure from "Bachelor in Paradise" in the wake of the controversy.

An insider, however, clarified that the "DWTS" is still in the early stages of the casting process.

“Right now just talking. Nothing beyond talking about casting. [There's] no one we’re dying for right now," the source explained.