Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram on Friday to tell his followers a very heart-warming story about a real-life hero. It turns out the actor’s role in the movie “San Andreas” helped 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor save the life of his two-year-old brother, Dylan, who was drowning in the family’s backyard pool.

‘San Andreas’ saves the life of a two-year-old boy

The film “San Andreas” was released in 2015 and Johnson knew it was popular with many of his fans, but he never expected something like this to happen. In his Instagram post, “The Rock” went on to explain that Jacob was a real-life hero, who was looking for his little brother Dylan who was missing.

When Jacob went out to the backyard of their home, he found Dylan lying face down in the family’s pool. Dwayne went on to say that Jacob kept his cool and pulled his little brother out of the water. He then calmly administered CPR and chest compressions,saving Dylan’s life.

‘The Rock’ wants to meet the real-life hero who saved his little brother

Johnson went on to say that Jacob had learned how to save his brother by watching a “big, brown tattooed guy” in the movie “San Andreas,” which is apparently the 10-year-old’s favorite film. Johnson told Jacob in the post that he is very proud of him – so much so, he wants to meet him and shake the hand of a true, real-life hero.

Speaking to ABC2 News, Jacob spoke about the film “San Andreas” saying there was an earthquake in the movie that caused a tsunami.

He remembered a girl who was drowning in the film and Johnson’s character saved her life using chest compressions, so he just did the same thing with his little brother.

Jacob and Dylan heading to Vancouver to meet ‘The Rock’

As reported by E!

News, chances are that Jacob and his family will be heading to Vancouver in the near future to meet “The Rock” in person on the set of his latest, upcoming movie “Skyscraper.” Meanwhile the Hollywood actor teased Jacob, saying his movie sets are just like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” meaning he and his little brother – if Dylan is well enough by then – can eat all the candy they like, for free.

Johnson ended up by telling Jacob that he will see him “next week” and that his “people” will be getting in touch with the family to make all the necessary arrangements.

It does sound like little Dylan will be able to make the trip, as ABC2 reports that the young boy was only in hospital for one day before being released and heading home.