Beating See you Again, Despacito crosses the 3 billion mark on YouTube, becoming the most viewed song, as per reports. Luis Fonsi's “Despacito,” released in 2016 has created a rage since then. In spite of being a Spanish language song, it has managed to receive a lot of appreciation online and has engaged people with its fine music and tune. Not only the original version but the Justin Bieber version was liked too. The song got the much-needed attention in 2017 and from then it has been immensely popular, especially amongst the youth.

The song has many versions like a Punjabi version, a Gujarati version, and the South Indian version as well.

All these clearly state that the song has been popular through all age groups. And now the music video of “Despacito” has added a yet another feather to its hat by setting a new record.

Other most watched videos

Despacito has become the most popular song on You Tube having attracted more than three billion views online. YouTube announced on Friday that the 39-year-old singer, Luis Fonsi's sensuous song with Daddy Yankee has transcended the previous YouTube record holder See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Path which had got path breaking 2.9 million views You Tube. “See You Again” had broken the previous record of “Gangnam Style.”

Song became the craze worldwide

The meaning of “Despacito” is 'slowly' in Spanish and the song is more sensual in terms of its wording.

Apart from being the most viewed and the most loved and here's song on You Tube, “Despacito” has also managed to spend 10 weeks at number one on the US single chart, making it the first Spanish language song to reach the top since Macarena in 1996.

The song became one of the fastest songs on You Tube to cross the 2 billion view mark.

And also the Justin Bieber version has managed to cross the 400 million viewers mark on YouTube. Adding more to it a success the song has also become an international smash hit this year and has managed to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The original video has been viewed more than 3 billion times and also has been the most liked video on YouTube.

In this case, it's also not the only non-English song to become popular with the audience all over the world. Just like “Despacito,” Macarena too had created a buzz when it was launched in 1996, making it the most popular song in the 90s era. Luis Fonsi has sung many songs previously but this song has got him fame and name.