Actor Danny Dias died two months ago at the beginning of June and the medical office has finally released the cause of the star's death. It has been confirmed that Danny Dias did not die due to suicide, as was originally thought, and passed away due to a long-term abuse of drugs.

The star died from long-term substance abuse

According to the Daily Mail, the cause of Danny Dias' death has finally been revealed two months after the stars death. The authorities found Dias dead in his apartment with lacerations down his forearm, which sparked rumors that Dias has committed suicide.

However, the coroner has stated that these lacerations had nothing to do with his death.

It has been confirmed that Danny Dias died from a long-term Substance Abuse problem that the deceased suffered with. Though the coroner revealed that Danny did not physically die of an overdose, the drugs that he took definitely were the cause of his death. When performing the toxic screen on the stars blood large doses of drugs were found in his system.

Police who were originally investigating the cause of death as a suicide due to the lacerations on Danny's arms. According to New York Daily News, the authorities have since released a statement saying that Danny did not commit suicide and that the lacerations while present were not lethal.

A report in the Daily Mail stated that friends of Danny were with the star days before he passed away. His friends, who chose to remain unidentified, said that Danny Dias had taken LSD that night and started to freak out. He ran away from his friends and locked himself in his room. His friends were unable to help so they left and tried calling Danny a few days later to see if everything was okay.

The actor starred on many TV series over the years

According to People Magazine, Danny Dias was an actor who starred in several different series before the time of his death. Dias was part of the MTV family and starred on the thirteenth season of the show "Road Rules" and "Road Rules: X Treme." These shows were part of a reality TV series where contestants competed against each other to win a grand prize.

During his career, Danny also starred on "The Gauntlet 2" and the eleventh season of the MTV show "The Challenge." MTV did not release a statement about the stars death in the last few months but now that the cause of his death has been announced, they have made a statement. They stated that they are saddened to hear about the stars death and stated that no matter what he will always be a member of the MTV family.

Danny Dias' family has made no comment about the nature of their son's death and fans are waiting for them to make a statement now that the coroner has released the cause of death.