Criminal Minds Season 12 ended with a cliffhanger where most of the lead characters met a terrible car accident during a mission. Although it looks like an accident, it’s highly possible that it was planned by the infamous serial killer known as Mr. Scratch. The accident will cause the death of one character in the show but there will be another character that will be missing, as teased by one of the showrunners. Actor Daniel Henney is returning to the series once Season 13 premieres and showrunner Erica Messer has hinted what the show has in the pipeline.

Someone is missing

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Criminal Minds” showrunner Erica Messer said that Kirsten Vangsness’ Penelope Garcia and Daniel Henney’s Agent Matt Simmons will find out the unfortunate fate of their comrades. “Garcia has just learned that her team is in trouble. And the first person she calls is Agent Simmons. He drives them to the site of the last known signal from the team,” she told EW. “They discover this horrific car accident. Once they see who is injured, they discover that someone is missing.” Apparently, one of the characters is in danger of kidnapping by some villains. If you are hoping that this won't be one of the major characters, we are too.

If one character is missing in “Criminal Minds” Season 13, let’s keep our hopes high that this character is not going to die eventually.

We all know that CBS has a way of delivering a not-s- nice explosive to all fans – and that’s letting some major characters go without a moment’s warning. It can be recalled when the network immediately fired Thomas Gibson in August 2016 after an alleged altercation with one of the writers. Fans are still asking the producers to get him back to the show.

However, the showrunners remain deaf to the fans’ request.

Will they bring more cast to the show?

People are tired of the producers’ habit of letting go and letting in new actors to “Criminal Minds.” This is also one of the reasons why most fans quit watching the show apart from boycotting over Thomas Gibson’s termination. Fortunately, Messer said that they are not bringing more new people to the show although this is something that we can only lean on for now.

Fans, of course, would love to see Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner again on the show.

If the “Criminal Minds” producers decide (hopefully) to bring Thomas Gibson back to the show, we’re pretty sure that its ratings will get back on its feet. People will eventually watch again. Fans will certainly stop the massive social media hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch. What do you think?