Thomas Gibson is one of the biggest foundations in CBS’ police procedural drama Criminal Minds.” He portrayed the role of Supervisory Special Agent Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, who was the longest-standing major character in the series since it originally aired in September 2005. In August 2016, the world was crestfallen when the producers officially announced that they have terminated the actor’s contract. The termination stemmed from his alleged altercation with one of the show’s writers, Virgil Williams, over a creative disagreement in an episode that he was directing.

The showrunners wrote his character off the show by entering the Witness Protection Program with his son, Jack and apparently resigning from his job.

Will fans watch the series’ 13th season without Hotch?

Following Gibson’s termination of his contract with “Criminal Minds,” fans almost have the same reaction to his sudden departure. It was a gloomy day for everyone. They all have the same question in mind. Will the producers ever give him another chance to return to the show? Everyone deserves second chances, right?

To this date, fans still have high hopes to see Gibson’s Hotch in “Criminal Minds” again. The expectation still rolls on, especially when Shemar Moore, who played the role of Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan, made an appearance during the season finale.

His character was asked to return to help the team in the case of the country’s infamous serial killer, Mr. Scratch. After appearing in the series, fans can’t help but wonder whether Aaron Hotchner has a chance to return to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. His role as the Unit Chief of the BAU will apparently help the show’s ratings.

For some fans, there are two reasons why the showrunners didn’t kill off Aaron Hotchner in “Criminal Minds.” One is that Gibson’s character could still do something in the future just like Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan. Second, the showrunners and producers still consider and acknowledge the actor’s massive contribution to the show’s success since it premiered in 2005.

Either way, many fans still believe that he should be given the biggest possible chance to make a comeback as a credit for his hard work as one of the people that have established the show in one way or another.

The showrunner has extended her relationship with the show’s producers

Recently, “Criminal Minds” showrunner Erica Messer has signed another two-year deal with ABC Studios. This means that she would still continue to develop the show and make more original series for the studio. Now that she has strengthened her connection with the producers, many fans have bigger hopes that she would champion Thomas Gibson as well.