As “Annabelle: Creation” hits the theaters on Aug. 11, three more movies in “The Conjuring” cinematic universe is going to be released soon. As for the latest updates, “The Nun” is currently in post-production while “The Crooked Man” and "The Conjuring 3" are still in the “early stages” of development.

With the global popularity of “The Conjuring,” it’s not really surprising to hear that fans are highly anticipating the franchise’s follow-up films (sequels or spin-offs) just like the latest movie in its cinematic universe titled, “Annabelle: Creation.” The prequel to the franchise’s 2014 spin-off, “Annabelle,” tells the origin of the evil-possessed doll with the same name.

Apart from the “Annabelle” prequel, film franchise creator/director James Wan revealed that they are expanding the franchise further with the release of three upcoming spin-offs, which will delve into the stories of two creepy characters that appeared in “The Conjuring” movies. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wan hinted some important details about the upcoming films.

‘The Nun’

Wan, who is currently filming the DC superhero film “Aquaman” in Australia, revealed that the much-anticipated movie, “The Nun,” had just wrapped up filming in Romania. Directed by British filmmaker Corin Hardy, the solo film will shed some light on the story of the evil supernatural character Valak, who appeared in the second installment of the film franchise in 2016.

According to Wan, he is “very excited for what Corin [Hardy] has done” with Valak’s story. The Malaysian-Australian filmmaker, who is also behind the famous horror franchises “Saw” and “Insidious,” also revealed that the film is currently in post-production.

Plot and release date

Following the release of the film’s short teaser at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, many fans are seeking for more details about the film.

Based on what we currently know, fans will see the return of Bonnie Aarons as she reprises the role of the evil nun, Valak. Also joining Aarons are Charlotte Hope, “The Hateful Eight” actor Demián Bichir and “American Horror Story” veteran Taissa Farmiga, who plays the role of Sister Irene.

Set to be released on June 13, 2018, the movie will focus on the story of Sister Irene, who found herself in a Roman monastery.

Things will get creepier when a nun with an evil face stood up from “a group of dark cloaked figures praying before an altar” Sister Irene found and approached her.

Despite the fact that Taissa’s sister, Vera, also portrays the character of Lorraine Warren in “The Conjuring” cinematic universe, it was revealed that her role won’t be related or connected to Lorraine. Meanwhile, Wan also revealed that the expansion of “The Conjuring” cinematic universe initially started as a joke, saying they’re considering that all the “interesting artifacts” of the Warrens could have their own stories and be made into separate movies.

‘The Crooked Man’

Aside from Valak’s solo movie, Wan revealed that the third installment in the film franchise and the second spin-off of “The Conjuring 2” titled, “The Crooked Man,” are also currently under development.

As per Wan, the second spin-off will offer a very “exciting story.”

He also stressed that they wanted to offer something “different” when it comes to the solo films, sequels or spin-offs of the film franchise. As for the upcoming film that will focus on the Crooked Man character, who first appeared in the second installment of the film, Wan hinted that it will be a “dark fairytale, more whimsical sub genre.”

‘The Conjuring 3’

In addition to “The Nun” and “The Crooked Man,” Wan also revealed that the team is also working hard on the film’s third installment.

Even though they are currently working on the script, Wan emphasized that he doesn’t want to rush the making of “The Conjuring 3.” Unfortunately, the “Aquaman” director also admitted that directing the third sequel would be quite impossible for him to do because of his other commitments.