Black Mirror,” season 4 has been teased by Netflix. The latest trailer to the techno-horror movie is out. The latest season is going to consist of six new episodes. The titles of each of the episodes have also been revealed. Official photos, which were published alongside the trailer, give fans a glimpse into the possibilities that each episode will carry from the show. The show has done well so far in terms of popularity.

Everything regarding the first and second episode

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the first episode is titled, “Crocodile,” and is scheduled to take place in a snowy location.

By the title of the episode, the location seems quite off. The characters herein haven’t been revealed yet. Interestingly, each of the episodes has been directed by different artists. The list includes people like David Slade, Colm McCarthy, John Hillcoat, Toby Haynes, Tim Van Patten and Jodie Foster.

The second episode is titled, “Arkangel,” and is followed by others titled “Hang The Dj,” “USS Callister,” “Metalhead,” and “Black Museum.” According to a report by Empire, each of these episodes has been exclusively co-written by Charlie Brooker. The fourth season is going to feature the standard “Black Mirror” format. The show will consist of actors like Douglas Hodge, Rosemarie DeWitt, Andrea Riseborough, Owen Teague, Jimmi Simpson, Letita Wright, Cristin Milioti, Jesse Plemons and Maxine Peake.

The company still hasn’t revealed the actual premiere date for “Black Mirror” season 4 as of yet.

'USS Callister': What Jesse Plemons has to say?

As pointed by The Independent, the most visually-striking episode of them all seemed “USS Callister.” Actor, Jesse Plemons can be seen seated on a high-command chair in a very Star Trek-like location.

Apart from this, “Hang the DJ,” also appears to be pretty interesting. It can be interpreted that the show is based on a romantic twist in the digital age of dating.

Brooker had also confirmed that the upcoming season is going to be more “out there,” than the ones released before. He has advised the fans to keep a look out for major twists and turns in the fourth season.

“I can’t really say much else, except I think there’s quite a lot of stuff that’s quite out there. I don’t know if i’ve lost touch with reality or what,” he said. He concluded by saying that he wants to entertain the audience with “kooky thoughts,” in the midst of the realities of the world.