Model Bella Hadid recently starred on the cover of Vogue's Arabian magazine and the public are not happy about the company's decision. Hadid has received major backlash online as the public has expressed their concerns about westernizing the magazine. A Vogue spokesperson has made a statement about the magazine's decision to cast Bella in the shoot as opposed to an Arabian model.

Fans have taken to social media to express their concerns

According to Seventeen, Bella Hadid has been facing major backlash from the public online as they have been expressing their concerns and confusion about her appearance on the Arabian Vogue.

The model is half-Palestinian and Muslin but Palestine is not included in the Arabian Peninsula, which has sparked the debate online.

The public believes that Vogue is simply taking models from different countries and putting them in the place of native models simply because they are popular. One person stated that the women on the cover do not represent Arabia and only have half-Arabia heritage. They went on to claim that Bella Hadid represents herself and lives in a Western society and that the magazine should choose their models more carefully in the future.

Another individual agreed with this sentiment and shared their own opinions on the matter. They stated that Vogue has missed a huge opportunity to represent a unique culture and that there are several Arabian models out there who could have featured instead of Hadid.

Hadid has previously expressed her pride in her heritage

According to Step Feed, Bella Hadid has previously stated that she is very proud of her heritage and that she wants to celebrate and explore the places where she comes from. Hadid shared that she learned to be proud of her heritage from her father who originates from Pakistan.

Vogue Magazines editor in chief Manuel Arnaut has since come forward with a statement about the magazine's decision to use Bella Hadid as the cover model. He stated that Hadid has connections with the region, as she is both Muslim and half-Pakistan. He went on to claim that she is one of the most celebrated models of all time and seemed to be the perfect fit for the magazine.

Arnaut also stated that the magazine features models from all over the world and that one magazine does not exclusively focus on the people from its region. He explained that in the New York Vogue a model from the Middle East got a spread in the magazine and that the magazine is about diversity and not exclusivity.

Bella Hadid has not yet commented on the backlash and it is clear that the model did not expect such a violent reaction from the public.