Bella Hadid is back in headlines again. The supermodel recently packed up a sizzling photoshoot with rumored boyfriend, Jordan Barrett. She also confirmed that she will be blazing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on fire once again.

Hadid and Barrett photoshoot for Vogue Australia

As reported by The Daily Mail, Hadid and Barrett wrapped up the cover photoshoot for Vogue (Australia)’s September issue. The voyage captured by popular photographer, Jackie Nickerson sees both the models all over each other. The picture reveals the rumored couple sitting in a cuddly position, with Barrett’s shirt unbuttoned.

The duo has been causing stirring headlines lately for being speculated to be dating each other.

Both are good friends

The couple in an interview to Vogue Australia confirmed that they are nothing but just good friends. According to WWDC, Hadid confirmed that she will be walking for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. The supermodel took to her official Instagram account to announce that she is excited to be a part of the fashion show this year as well. “I feel so crazy humbled to get the opportunity to be a part of this show again,” she wrote on Instagram. One of the main highlights of last year’s VS fashion show was Hadid. She made her debut in Paris and was photographed looking glamorous walking besides her then-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

This year, the supermodel will be accompanied by other stars including Grace Elizabeth, Devon Windsor, Maria Borges and Kendall Jenner.

Everything to know about the interview

Coming back to the Vogue September Issue, fans will also get to read an exclusive interview of them. Jordan reportedly took the opportunity to explain how the two met through a mutual friend, Hailey Baldwin.

Hadid on the other hand is recorded calling Jordan her brother. The interview took an emotional turn as the celebrity begins speaking about Jordan’s past, and how it has been difficult for him to move away from home. The duo has been photographed spending quality time with each at several occasions before. The “best friends” were spotted vacationing on a luxurious yacht earlier in May this year.

Following which, they were photographed again at Hadid’s New York apartment in June. The controversial bit about this photograph was the fact that both were barely clothed and seemed at ease with each other while they took selfies. Fans have to wait a bit for the magazine.