It seems that "Justice League" star Ben Affleck is perfecting his role as the womanizer Bruce Wayne. Recent reports revealed that the 44-year-old actor was spotted having fun with his new girlfriend in Maine.

According to People, Affleck was on summer vacation with 37-year-old Lindsay Shookus -- who is said to be his new girlfriend. They were spotted in Maine over the weekend, sipping what appeared to be iced coffee.

People published a photo of Affleck and Shookus walking their way in front of a group of people. Affleck was sporting a simple look, with a light-colored shirt, plants and a pair of rubber shoes.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend was seen in blue printed mini dress paired with sport shoes as well. Both were wearing sunglasses.

The report added that the couple were seen together during the weekend at a liquor shop. There was even a photo taken with a store worker. The photo reportedly appeared on Facebook captioned, “Met Ben Affleck at work today.” But the store employee has deleted the post, People noted.

Sources revealed to People how Affleck was enjoying the summer weekend with Shookus. They are also expecting the two to be seen publicly together in the next weeks.

A friend of the actor also told People that he has just finished filming "Justice League," and has the freedom to spend summer with his loved ones.

‘Batman’ movie updates

After the stellar performance of Christian Bale in the previous Christopher Nolan movies, Ben Affleck is set to star in more Batman movies in the coming years.

In a recent report on website Techie Gamers, Affleck has confirmed his appearance for a new "Batman" trilogy. The three-part film will reportedly be titled as "The Batman," with a final film that is also in the works. There will also be a "Batman Beyond" film, which will tell the story of the Bruce Wayne’s final moments before he passes on the crime fighting duty to another budding hero, the website added.

This confirmation is released after previous speculations that Affleck is reportedly going to be pulled out from the series. Fortunately, the actor is still into portraying the legendary character in the next installations of the movie.

By far, Affleck is reportedly working hard to become the best father to his children. He also aims to serve as inspiration for those who need help but are hesitant to move forward. The actor is reportedly committed to improving himself for his family.