"Chronically Metropolitan" is an American drama directed by Xavier Manrique -- who has worked closely with famous director David Frankel. Nicholas Schutt wrote the screenplay for the movie, as the story follows the character of Fenton, who returns home after a year of being exiled by his family. Once back in New York Fenton reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Jessie and tries to reconnect with his old life and his family. Casting includes the likes of Ashley Benson, Shiloh Fernandez, Josh Peck and Chris Noth.

The movie follows the story of Fenton

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie follows novelist Fenton who returns to New York after his first book failed.

Fenton was exiled from his home city a year before due to a mysterious family emergency and has returned to explore his past life in New York.

Along the way, Fenton bumps into his ex-girlfriend Jessie -- played by talented actor Ashley Benson. Fenton tries to reconnect with Jessie who he abruptly left without any explanation one year before, a decision that Fenton has been deeply regretting ever since. Once back home, Fenton finds out that Jessie is now engaged to be married to an art dealer and has his heart set on changing her mind.

As for Fenton's family, a lot has changed for them in their son's absence and Fenton discovers that his father was involved in a car crash while cheating on his mother.

Fenton's mother Annabel has turned to drugs to deal with her husband's infidelity and her drug dealer just happens to be Fenton's childhood best friend.

Ashley Benson talks about her role in the movie

According to Teen Vogue, Ashley Benson recently revealed that she will be featured as the character of Jessie in the upcoming movie "Chronically Metropolitan." She stated that she was initially drawn to the movie because of the location and expressed her love of New York City.

The actor added that "Chronically Metropolitan" explores many relationships throughout the movie and has stated that not all of these relationships are romantic. However, for Ashley Benson she will be playing Jessie, Fenton's ex-girlfriend who he has come back to reclaim as he learns that she is now engaged to an art dealer.

This is Ashley Benson's first movie role since her role as Hanna ended with the finale of popular TV series "Pretty Little Liars." Fans of Benson are looking forward to seeing her on the big screen and are rooting for the actor's ongoing success.