For the past couple of months, many K-pop fans primarily in the United States wondered what was going on with Blackpearl Regeneration Idol of Asia, better known as Bp Rania. They recently released their second K-pop comeback for the year, their seventh extended play (EP) or mini-album titled "Refresh 7th" featuring title track song "Beep Beep Beep." However, many realized that the girl group's leader Alex had far less involvement than in previous comebacks.

K-pop fans initially feared that Alex was no longer with BP Rania. Ultimately their fears were justified as reports now show that she has left the K-pop girl group.

DR Music and Alex both respond to her departure

The news of Alex leaving BP Rania was made official on August 19, 2017. Through their official Facebook page, DR Music announced that Alexandra Reid Varley, better known by her stage name Alex, was no longer a member of BP Rania. According to their statement, both the staff and artists (other members of BP Rania as well as Alex) reached an agreement on her departure. They also stated BP Rania will continue as a five-member girl group onward.

About two days later, Alex herself would post a video up on her official Facebook page giving her side of the story on departing from BP Rania. According to her, the two years as a K-pop idol were very good as she got to "live her dream" and become "someone people look up to." She ended her video thanking all the fans who supported her as a K-pop idol along with emphasizing this was the "best move for her."

K-pop fans show mixed responses to Alex leaving BP Rania

Even though both DR Music and Alex kept their separation civil and professional, many K-pop insiders have given their insight on why it happened.

Most fans are siding with Alex as they believe DR Music only used her for propaganda. To this day, she is still known as the "first African-American to join a K-pop girl group." It is as if DR Music used her race as a means to further themselves as well as Rania. They even made her the leader at one time.

These same fans also believe DR Music was very poor in handling Alex.

In all three mini-albums Alex was in, her parts and lines were limited. Such was understandable for "Demonstrate" due to her passport issues but not for "Start a Fire" and "Beep Beep Beep."

On the other hand, some K-pop fans who aren't automatically jumping on the "social justice warrior" bandwagon believe Alex may have some fault too.

There has been speculation that Alex did not want to go through the trainee phase which is extremely vital for becoming a K-pop idol. There is also speculation that she did not want to partake in choreography. What we do know is that she did split her time between being a K-pop idol and her solo endeavors. It is believed the latter took precedence. Why some K-pop fans think Alex used becoming a K-pop idol only for publicity.

In the end, we will most likely never know why BP Rania and Alex truly separated. We can only wish both parties the very best in their future endeavors.