The sixth episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7 featured a disturbing quarrel between Arya and Sansa. We know that Littlefinger is trying to manipulate both of them, but Arya's behavior is hard to understand. The young Stark questioned Sansa's loyalty and threatened to kill her. What's wrong with Arya, you may be wondering. Well, there is a theory (recently posted on Reddit) which explains everything.

They're not children anymore

We know that Arya and Sansa never really got along. They used to fight when they were little girls, but we should remember that they aren't children anymore.

How their relationship could have deteriorated so quickly? Since her arrival at Winterfell, Arya - who is a skilled assassin with enhanced senses - didn't notice that Littlefinger was stalking her, started to act like a psychopath and threatened to kill her own sister. This is weird, isn't it?

Sardorim's theory: Several persons are actually being conned by Arya

Redditor Sardorim recently wrote about the Winterfell situation, reporting several clues that support the theory of Arya actually conning Littlefinger. As Sardorim noted, she was glad to see Sansa before knowing that Littlefinger was there. Moreover, Arya proved herself capable of complex scheming both in Braavos and in the Frey's castle, not to mention her ability to swap faces.

According to the Redditor, the young Stark decided not to use her face-changing ability because she wants Petyr Baelish to see her as Arya of Winterfell, which is important if she wants to trick him somehow.

We should also remember that Arya is an assassin with enhanced senses: she might actually be well-aware of Littlefinger following her!

If she knows about Baelish's plan, she's likely to be attacking Sansa in hopes that Littlefinger will believe his plan is working.

Arya told Sansa she was going to lie

Arya's speech about the "Game of Faces" makes total sense if you assume that she's faking her hate for Sansa. Another Redditor, ekbowler, pointed out that Arya actually says that she is going to lie.

She says that the Game of Faces consists of asking questions and answering those questions with lies that sound like the truth. "If you fool me, you win. If I catch a lie, you lose," says Arya before pointing the dagger at her sister. In the Game of Faces the persons involved are supposed to lie and Arya, as soon as the conversation/game is ended, immediately hands over the dagger to her sister.

We have already explained why Sansa is never going to team up with Littlefinger; if Sardorim's theory is legit, and we're pretty sure it is, bad times are coming for Petyr Baelish!

Don't forget! "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode 7, titled "The Dragon and the Wolf," airs on August 27, on HBO.