From Hollywood stars to astronauts, every child thinks about he wants to be when he grows up. While some put aside these ambitions, other kids are more determined to turn their dreams into reality. Jack Davis, 9, thinks that fighting aliens and going to space is easy, but it’s not. NASA recently announced that it was looking to employ a Planetary Protection Officer. This announcement might have inspired some sci-fi fantasies and whimsical jokes, but a fourth-grader from the United States took the position seriously and submitted a handwritten application for the job.

What’s unique in his handwritten application?

According to Telegraph UK, Jack mentioned the reasons he considered himself qualified for the position. "My sister believe that I am an alien. I have watched all of the alien and space movies. I am able to think like aliens,” Jack Davis wrote in his letter. He signed the handwritten application with what appeared to be his self-ascribed title, "Guardian of the Galaxy."

NASA’s response to his letter

The child’s aspirations to land the $177,000-a-year position prompted responses from NASA. Planetary Research Director Jonathan Rall said in his reply, “NASA loves to inspire children to to be the next generation of explorers.”

As the position requires a few years of experience, it’s impossible for Jack Davis to become a Planetary Protection Officer for now.

Instead, he is asked to focus on his studies and get good grades. In case he scores well, NASA’s planetary experts may invite Jack to their headquarters. But that is going to take a few more years. However, that doesn’t mean Davis should forget about his dreams. NASA’s director Jonathan Rall called Jack Davis to congratulate him on his interest in the job.

He encouraged the little one to continue his studies for a few years before he is hired. At NASA, a planetary protection officer is responsible for preventing alien microbes from reaching our planet during the space missions. Applicants should have a degree in mathematics or science, and three to four years of experience.

Unfortunately, Jack Davis is too young to be eligible for this position, but that doesn’t mean he should stop dreaming.

Instead, he should continue his studies and work hard at school. One of the best ways to create positive self-fulfilling prophecies is to nurture and identify potential. In the meantime, we would like to tell you that a young girl named Alice Jacob wrote a similar letter to fashion retailer Gap requesting them to consider her for a position. She requested them to offer more varieties in the clothes to attract more and more customers.