There are a lot of great old and new titles on the streaming services in August. You may purchase the hit “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” through Amazon Prime or iTunes, and catch the "Bachelor in Paradise" drama on Hulu. Or you can enjoy some classics like “Bad Boys” (Hulu or Amazon), or “Tango & Cash.”

Hulu has introduced various Oscar-winning movies and television series this month; however, "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," "The Dead Zone," "Center Stage: Turn It Up," "As Good as It Gets," "Better Things," "Marlon" and ‘Stan Against Evil" are the best.

The films coming to Hulu this month

You may catch the following films on Hulu:

Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ – Johnny Depp wore some cheesy tourist shirts for this movie. “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” went on to make $56 million in the United States and over $40 million in other parts of the world on a $29 million budget.

The Dead Zone’ – “Based on a novel of the same name, “The Dead Zone” cast Christopher Walken, Tom Skerritt, Brooke Adams, Herbert Lom, Colleen Dewhurst and Anthony Zerbe in the leading characters. The film is more rooted in the occult than in sheer horror.

Center Stage: Turn It Up’ – Released in 2008, “Center Stage: Turn It Up” is written by Karen Bloch and directed by Steven Jacobson.

Rachele Broke Smith and Kenny Wormald played Kate and Tommy, respectively.

As Good as It Gets’ – The film opened at number three at the box office, behind “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Titanic,” with $12 million. It grossed more than $148 million domestically and over $312 million internationally. “As Good as It Gets” is Jack Nicholson's second most successful feature, behind “Batman.”

The television shows

Subscribers can enjoy the following television series this month:

Better Things’ – The first season of “Better Things” will be available on the streaming website.

Its story revolves around a divorced actress, Pamela Adlon, who faces a lot of problems while raising her three kids by herself.

Regular Show’ – Subscribers can catch the eighth season of “Regular Show” from August 16. J. G. Quintel has created this television sitcom for Cartoon Network. Billboard reveals that all episodes of “Regular Show” are produced using hand-drawn animations and storyboarding.

The plot begins with some problems that the characters have to overcome.

Marlon’ – “Marlon” is a brand new series, coming to Hulu on August 17. It features Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Notlim Taylor, Amir O'Neil, Bresha Webb, and Diallo Riddle.

Stan Against Evil’ – The complete first season of “Stan Against Evil” is coming to Hulu on August 18. This American comedy is developed by Dana Gould and stars John C. McGinley, Nate Mooney, Janet Varney, and Deborah Baker.