Iconic Batmobile gets reinvented and fans can’t help but hover over its new look during the Comic-Con International.

Guns and missiles built into new Batmobile

Fans expressed various reactions after witnessing the transformation of the iconic Batmobile during the Comic Conference International held last Thursday. The new face of the Batmobile is a great upgrade from the original mobile.

The original Batmobile was first popularized way back in the 1960s. The mobile became iconic after making its first appearance in the original “Batman” movie. The first Batmobile was a Lincoln Futura that was modified to emit the classy and brave aura of a legit superhero ride.

And since Batman is about to ride again for the upcoming "Justice League" film set for release in November, the Batmobile received its much-needed upgrades. The new look of the latest Batmobile was first revealed to the public during the Comic Conference International last Thursday. Fans can’t help but hover over the new look of Batman’s ride.

The new Batmobile is armed with lethal missiles and heavy duty Machine Guns. The new mobile was tank-like and surely, it drew so much attention during the conference. The reinvented Batmobile will be driven by actor Ben Affleck when the “Justice League” movie hits theaters.

Fan reactions to the new Batmobile were varied. The majority of those who were given the chance to see the new mobile were amazed.

Richmond who is 13 years old from Virginia said that the mobile looked cool and big. Although he had reservations as to the additions of guns and weapons since Batman was not supposed to kill.

'Justice League' toys ready for sale

The reinvented Batmobile reaches about 20 feet in length and weighs a staggering 8,500 pounds. When driven at full speed, the mobile can run as fast as 205 meters per hour.

The Batmobile is owned by Warner Bros. who is also the producer of the anticipated “Justice Leaguemovie.

Keen fans noticed that despite being owned by Warner Bros., the Batmobile was positioned in the Mattel area of the convention’s display stage. According to reports, the mobile’s placement was strategically executed. Mattel created Justice League toys, including the Batmobile and action figures of other members of the league.

Some of the iconic characters turned into action figures are Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, and Aquaman. Mattel’s toy Batmobile comes in a remote-controlled version.

The majority of Batman fans believe that the upgrade was timely. The innovations were necessary so as to keep up with the modern era.

In the upcoming “Justice League” movie, Batman will ride his Batmobile and join forces with the rest of the Justice League heroes to fight the greatest villain Steppenwolf and his huge army of disgusting aliens.