Blac Chyna went on a formal interview for the first time since the scandalous posts of her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, alleging her of cheating and milking him for his money. The businesswoman and mother-of-two said in her recent interview that she sent most of Kardashian’s gifts back as well as how she has always managed to make money for herself and her kids.

The Lashed Cosmetics owner recently wore tennis bracelets and people took notice of it because it was one of the gifts of Kardashian to her. She said that she kept the bracelets because she liked them as well as the other gifts that Kardashian got her but she gave back most of the things he claimed he bought such as the cars and other jewelry because she does not want to feel that she can be bought.

Chyna reveals more details on their break-up

In the many Instagram posts of Kardashian, he said that he bought her cars but Chyna said that he technically did not because they were only leased. She pointed out that Kardashian did not take the cars back as his own because they had to give them back since they were not yet fully paid.

The former fiancé of rapper Tyga also said that the day Kardashian posted a lot about her on his Instagram page, she had her assistants drive the “gifts” to his house as well as the engagement ring he gave her. She added that she never asked Rob to return anything that she gave him such as the Range Rover she bought for the reality star.

Chyna on being labeled as a gold digger

Many believed that Chyna only had a relationship with Kardashian because of his money. The 29-year-old mode said that she makes her own money and has been making her own money since she was 15 years old. She noted that Lashed Cosmetics resulted into her other businesses liked the skincare line, the beauty bar, and her clothing line.

She pointed out that nobody supports her and if anything she has gotten “people more money.” She recently just purchased a six-bedroom home in Los Angeles.

According to Us Weekly, Tyga backed Chyna’s claims that she makes her own money. In an interview on Thursday with “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Power 105.1, the rapper said that the only bad comment he can make about Chyna is her attitude since there was no one who guided her when she was growing up.

He noted that she is a good person but she has a different mentality. As for the Gold Digger comments, he pointed out that when they broke up, she was able to do her own thing and survived financially.

Chyna and Kardashian to focus on co-parenting Dream

Before the two had a tumultuous relationship, they had Dream Renee Kardashian. Their eight-month-old daughter is reportedly their main focus as of the moment. She said that the key to a successful co-parenting is communication and respect.

Aside from Dream, her eldest is four years old now. She had King when she was still with Tyga. Chyna noted that she has her point of view but she hopes that both Tyga and Kardashian add theirs too in order to build their kids to become better people.

She also revealed that she wants her kids to have the most normal life possible. She will not keep them away from the spotlight and would enroll them in a public school.