Netflix premiered the movie "To the Bones," which is about anorexia, an issue not much discussed on television. In the first place, it can be said that it is positive that an eating disorder like anorexia is visible in the media thanks to a film. "To the Bones" initiates a necessary debate about body image in homes and schools. Anorexia is not seen as a Mental illness but as a matter of extreme Vanity. The producers of the film made a serious and deep investigation about it to make "To the Bones" as credible as possible.


As soon as the movie was released, critics began to emerge saying that "To the Bones" was going to inspire teenagers to become anorexic.

Executive producers claim to have been careful with the story and never showed anorexia as glamorous. The same thing happened to "13 Reasons Why", the first tv series dealing with teen suicide, a taboo subject in the media. Critics said the series inspired young people to commit suicide since the issue was not dealt appropriately. The fact that the movie stars an actress as beautiful as Lily Collins can cause anorexia to be seen as something positive and trivialize a disease as there as is anorexia.

The story

"To the Bones," tells the story of Ellen, a young woman who is obsessed with her weight, recognizes that she suffers from anorexia and voluntarily enters a rehabilitation center. She gets on badly with her family and must face her problem completely alone.

Lilly Collins made an extraordinary physical transformation to compose "Ellen," comparable to that made by Natalie Portman for the movie "Black Swan." Collins acknowledged having suffered anorexia a few years ago, so she knows this disease perfectly. She had to lose a lot of weight to be able to play "Ellen," so she turned to a nutritionist to avoid damaging her health.

Anorexia has rarely been treated in films and television, which is curious because there are many skinny actresses in Hollywood. Instead, there are many movies and television series dealing with the subject of drug addiction and alcoholism. Both problems are very common in the media, as they are suffered by millions of people around the globe.

Anorexia is a silent problem that is often confused with vanity, so many people do not take it seriously. The eating disorders can cause death but are treated in time by suitable professionals, who understand the person affected.