Kanye West is a well-known performer. He is married to celebrity Kim Kardashian and the pair has two children together. They are expecting their third child through surrogacy. Kanye West had a nervous breakdown back in November of 2016.

This caused the performer to cancel his tour and to spend a while in hospital as he tried to deal with his mental health struggles. The Kardashians are extremely worried about Kim's husband, as he appears to have turned to food as a source of comfort.

The Kardashians are very concerned

Kanye West has had a rough time lately.

According to InTouch, the performer has been struggling with his mental health. This subsequently caused the star to cancel his Saint Pablo tour and led to his hospitalization. It appears that West had turned to food to cope with his feelings. The Kardashian family are very concerned for Kim's husband. A source close to the couple has claimed that the performer has gained over 25 pounds over the past few months.

The Kardashian family have tried to help Kanye West with his growing food addiction but they have had no success. The 40-year-old now weighs around 200 pounds since his breakdown in November. Now that Kanye is not performing and focusing on his mental health the performer spends his time eating.

The unidentified source has claimed that West has isolated himself and is using food as a means to cope.

The stars break might be doing more harm than good

Kanye West's growing addiction to food is not the only thing the star has had to deal with. Kanye West's friendship with Jay-Z appears to have ended. West and Jay-Z were best friends and the loss appears to have hit Kanye hard.

Jay-Z dissed his former friend in his new track titled "4:44."

Jay-Z refers to Kanye West in the lyrics of the song and calls his former friend insane. This comment highly offended Kayne and it is clear that the pair is no longer friends. Jay-Z's questionable lyrics could not have come at the worst time for his former friend.

West is no doubt turning to food in this difficult time.

Furthermore, Kanye and Kim have recently hired a surrogate to give birth to their third child. Wife Kim Kardashian could not go through another pregnancy because of health issues. There is no doubt that this has also had an impact on West's mood and recovery.

Kanye West had not made a comment on the claims that he is gaining weight. The recent articles about his addiction to food may cause the performer to retreat deeper into isolation. Fans will simply have to wait to see what happens next with the star.