Winner for this year's "The Bachelorette" has allegedly been leaked. The final episode will reportedly feature Bryan on his knees, asking Rachel Lindsay to marry him.

What happens in the 'meet the mother' scenes in the 'Hometown Date' episode?

July 17 episode will feature Rachel visiting the hometown of the final four men. Rachel will get to know more about Bryan, Eric, Peter, and Dean when each man brings her to his hometown and family.

Bryan will introduce Rachel to his family in Miami. The preview shows fans should look forward to the intense scene between the conversation of his mother with Rachel.

The clip shows that Bryan's mother is talking to the bachelorette and frankly speaking her heart out. According to the mom, she shares her son's feelings when he is happy or not. She further tells Rachel, "If not, I'll kill you." Fans will have to check the upcoming episode to see the whole picture behind the mother's threat.

Furthermore, if Bryan's mom does not sound very accommodating with Rachel, tonight's episode will also feature another mother who does not seem to be pushing his son as well. When Peter introduces Rachel to his family in Madison, Wisconsin, something unexpected will also turn out. The conversation of the mother and the bachelorette does not sound encouraging as well. Apparently, the mother will declare that her son is not completely eager to get married yet.

Will a mother's point of view affect Rachel's decision in the end?

Meanwhile, the bachelorette will also have some fun time in Baltimore when she visits the family and friends of Eric. Interestingly, Rachel is the first woman that he will be formally introduced to his clan. The preview shows the two will enjoy singing with the family and will play one-on-one basketball too.

For the last destination, Dean and his family will welcome Rachel in Aspen, Colorado. It will be intriguing to know how she will deal with the controversial yoga teacher-father of her suitor. In addition, the Colorado trip will not just benefit the bachelorette in her journey. ABC teases that the episode will also feature a heart-to-heart talk between Dean and his dad.

The network even brags that the whole scene of the talk will be something that is rarely seen in the history of the reality show.

Winner is revealed

It seems that the hometown visit has helped Rachel and the final four men to come up with the biggest decision to make in their lives. Rumors are now circulating that "The Bachelorette" winner has already been leaked.

According to the video below, the winner of the hit series has been revealed. In the end, fans of Rachel and Bryan will witness the marriage proposal of the latter. The clip says Bryan will propose to the 32-year-old lawyer in the final rose ceremony.

"The Bachelorette" airs on Monday, at 8:00 PM on ABC.