YouTube celebrities, people who gain stardom from uploading videos of themselves and whatever performances they have in mind, are often a refreshing alternative from mainstream entertainment media. But even they cannot escape the trappings that befall their more conventional counterparts. One example is the unfortunate fate of Chicago-based singer Austin Jones, charged with several counts of child pornography for soliciting nude videos from his fans. Another, more recent instance is the sudden death of Stevie Ryan, who was better on YouTube by her channel name Little Loca.

Following a series of posts discussing the subject of depression, Ryan was found dead in her Los Angeles home over the weekend.

Depressing talk

Stevie Kathleen Ryan was discovered lifeless in her LA residence last June 1. According to the autopsy report by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, the cause of death was determined to be suicide by hanging. Ryan had been open about her personal struggles with depression, which may have been compounded by the recent death of her grandfather. Most of her monologues on her bouts with depression were aired on an online podcast entitled “Mentally Ch(ill)” of which she was a co-host of. The coroner’s office did not respond to requests for additional comments on Ryan’s death.

The YouTube personality’s worries about her grandfather first gained notice online from a tribute she posted on Father’s Day, where Ryan noted that he was confined to the hospital and may not have long. Posted on Instagram had been a photo of her kissing her grandfather’s cheek. Shortly after his passing, Ryan posted a farewell to her grandfather on Twitter.

On last week’s episode of “Mentally Ch(ill)” she expressed her concerns about falling feeling even more depressed given her loss and even discussed suicide with her co-host, Kristen Carney. That was her last online appearance before her death.

YouTube springboard

Starting with character sketches on her “Little Loca” YouTube channel, Stevie Ryan quickly built up a solid fan following, leading to her beginning to perform celebrity parodies as well.

Her popularity led to her being scoped out by VH1, leading to her first TV sketch program “Stevie TV” which lasted one season from 2012 to 2013. Ryan also became co-host with Brody Jenner in his “E!” reality show “Sex with Brody.”

This week celebrities and fans took to social media to give their condolences for Ryan’s passing. Her “Mentally Ch(ill)” co-host Kristen Carney described her as the “coolest girl I’ve ever known.” Stevie Ryan was only 33 years old.