Shia LaBeouf is in trouble again while drunk in Savannah in Georgia. The 31-year-old actor reportedly asked both a stranger and a cop for a cigarette in a downtown street. When he was denied, he reportedly started ranting and cursing. Savannah-Chatham police arrested the actor, charging him with public drunkenness, obstruction and Disorderly Conduct.

Actor asks bystanders for a cigarette

According to police, the incident happened at around 4 a.m. while LaBeouf was in an area where there were “women and children.” He first approached a bystander and then a police officer asking for a cigarette.

When he was denied, he started using vulgar language and profanities. The actor then became aggressive towards the police officer. When the officer tried to arrest him, LaBeouf ran into a hotel nearby.

After more disorderly behavior in the hotel, the actor was taken into custody and was released from the Chatham County Detention Center at 11 a.m. on Saturday morning on a $7,000 bond.

The New York Daily News reports this isn’t the first controversy surrounding LaBeouf while filming “The Peanut Butter Falcon” in the city. According to that report, Just Jared recently revealed photos showing the actor urinating into the ocean off Tybee Island while making the film.

LaBeouf has been arrested before while drunk

It is also not the first time LaBeouf has been arrested. Back in 2015, the “Transformers” actor was arrested in Austin, Texas for public intoxication. This arrest came one month after he made a plea deal relating to a 2014 drunk and disorderly incident while attending “Cabaret” in New York.

At that time he reportedly caused a disturbance in the middle of the show, shouting loudly and slapping actor Alan Cummings' behind. Cummings talked about the incident on "Conan."

The actor then fought with security and police at the event as they took him into custody. LaBeouf was charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct and later told TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he drank too much whisky prior to the performance.

There was a prior incident in 2008, where LaBeouf was arrested for drunken driving in West Hollywood. At the time the actor admitted that he doesn’t know how to have only one drink. According to a report by People, he further caused a scene back in 2007 in Chicago after he was repeatedly requested to leave a Walgreens due to his intoxication.

While he didn’t get arrested, La Beouf later told David Letterman he had gone into the drug store for pimple cream and cigarettes and ended up getting into a fight with the security guard. He said in his drunken state, he believed the officer was laughing at him.