Olivia de Havilland portrayed the soft spoken Millie in the 1939 blockbuster "Gone With the Wind." Over the years, she has been in numerous other movies and television shows. The most memorable after "GWTW" was "The Adventures of Robin Hood" with Erol Flynn. Ms.Havillad celebrated her 101st birthday on July 1st, and she is still beautiful and classy. She continues to have soundness of mind.

Continues to be relevant

Living long must be in the genes because Ms. Havilland's sister, fellow actress Joan Fontaine, died in 2013 at age 96. Both women were popular on the big screen and in high demand during their hey day.

There were rumors of a feud between the siblings, but according to Olivia, she simply responded to the mean behavior that her sister was dishing out. This was shared during an interview in July 2016 during a celebration of her 100th birthday.

Olivia de Havilland is currently the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the FX channel. She said in the movie "Bette and Joan" she was incorrectly portrayed as a gossip, and believes, as she is the only living person who was characterized in the project, she should have been consulted. On Tuesday, the grand dame petitioned LA Superior Court judge Holley Kendig for a hearing date prior to her 102nd birthday.

This is based on a California statute that allows for individuals over age 70 to have a speedy trial.

The request was granted, and the trial date is set for September 13th. As Ms. Havilland has the presence of mind at age 101 to state her case for herself, this classy lady is most certainly poised to win.

Olivia de Havilland certainly is a role model

Olivia Havilland has lived more than a century without one extreme scandal in her life.This is astounding considering she was part of the movie industry.

She has conducted herself as a true lady and is a great example of a role model for today's young starlets.The popular movie actress is living proof that you can have a successful career without compromising standards, and that you can live for a century without a scandal being attached to your name.

This beautiful classy woman is also a testament that you can live long and be healthy with the soundness of mind.

That's a goal worthy of trying to reach. Let's hope Olivia lives to see her day in court, and also to see many more birthdays. Ms. Havilland, you are a true role model. Younger actresses should look up to you and follow the example you have set.